Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey! You, I love you.

I know what you think you cunt.

Never think me as those motherfuckers,

You dated before and got away with.

Running your errands they were,

Eating off your shit.

I ain’t one of those assholes but

Hey! You, I love you.


You think that you can come and go.

Sleep with me and then be a whore.

Fucking all the guys in town, eh?

Then let me tell you something straight.

Pretty bitch you are as hell, I know.

But either you are only mine or not.

As I said, I love you.


Fucked your brain, didn’t I?

Caught your open ass by surprise.

But truth is now out and I say it now.

You are mine forever and ever.

The playing shit is over and gone.

Cocksucker.. Its time to settle for me.

Hey! You, I love you.


PS- Hey psst.. Don’t tell Kunal. The guy will never know am abusing his blog.. hehehe.. Stupid loser he is. And ya, sorry ma.-TRYST.


Anonymous said...

Pity that bitch you wrote it for!!

Waiting for you to introduce her...

Anonymous said...

Now one wonders who wudn't be ready to scream at the top o deir lungs "Hey KP! Am ur bitch!! fuck me!!"