Friday, October 23, 2009

Ek nazm..

Kahaniyon ki bhi ajeeb aadat hai

Banti, bigarti aage badhti hain

Kabhi dheeme aur kabhi hawa se tez chalti hain

Tum bhi hissa ho

Meri kahaniyon ka

Kabhi dekhogi tum nasheb-o-faraz*                * Ups and downs

Kabhi hoga tumhe lams-e-jazbat*                  *Touch of Emotions

Tumhare khushk gaalon ki bhi

Pyas ashk bujhayenge

Gham aur khushi dono hi mein

Palkon pe nazar aayenge

Meri kahani ke safhon* pe                             * Pages

Tumhare kayi rang nazar aayenge.

Zindagi ek kahani hi to hai.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kaifi Azmi’s Gazal.

I do not know whether I am breaking any rule in writing this but what the hell.. Kaifi ji will appreciate that young people are also reading him and propagating it. I am re-starting my blog with this. The reason is simple. This gazal will make people think. They will try to figure out who it is and what is going on with me. Some how I am always intrigued by this. They will ask me questions and I will enjoy this. So here goes nothing.


Bas ek jhijhak hai yahi haal-e-dil sunane mein
Ki  tera  zikr   bhi   aayega   is   fasane   mein.

Baras padi thi jo rukh se nakab uthane mein
Vo chandni  hai  abhi  tak  garibkhane  mein.

Usi mein ishq ki kismat badal bhi sakti thi
Jo  waqt beet gaya mujhko aazmane mein.

Ye keh ke toot gaya shaakhe-gul se aakhri phool
Ab   aur   der   hai   kitni   bahar   aane   mein..


Hello friends,

As you all can see, finally, I am writing again. Life has been tough on me for some time now. Almost a year has passed since I have been truly happy. But I never thought it would go to such low levels. Saying that now I am over the pain of Draco's death will not only be an overstated lie but a foolish thing to say. Still, I have decided to write again. Why? Because of many reasons.

First, I like writing and have written a lot since and want to share with you all. I guess finally I have reached the level where I can share my pain with everyone else. Maybe through this I will be able to reduce my pain.

Second, I have been asked by many friends of mine when I will write. Normally such a thing has trivial effect on me but one among them almost forced me to set a date. I thank the person for the pestering, always asking me when I will start writing the blog. Be it on mobile, in front or gtalk. Now, about telling the name of the person. Any one who is bothered by the lack of name please be bothered.

Third, I am finally happy. I mean the guy who was living in Kunal's body for the past one year has left and has left the body for me to nourish and cherish. I am the Kunal who lived in this body during his teens. And boy you will know who this Kunal is.. Unfortunately, this new me has come at an expense of the person who forced me to write this blog. Irony and Contrast- two pillars of my life. Anyways, due to this I can write again.

I know I need not give any explanation but I felt this a duty towards Draco.