Friday, August 30, 2013


Any of you who have read fantasy novels must know this word thoroughly. Our Hero has to fight the main antagonist while the whole world is at stake. This is the basic theme of any fantasy novel. A regular companion in this journey of the hero is his growing up and learning things that he thought were his imagination.

There is one more important theme if anyone has noticed. It is of being underprepared. The hero never has time to finish his training. You have to be half-baked to fight the war. I always wonder why are the odds stacked against the hero? Why is it that hero can never complete his training and be ready for the villain. I guess the logical answer to this is that if there is no possibility of them losing then it would not make an exciting ending.

My experience has added one more reason for this. In life, we are rarely prepared 100% for anything. Even if we have 365 days to prepare for something that needs 300 days to prepare, after 365 days no one would say that I am completely ready for it.

I don’t know why but I guess its only winning when there might be losing.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Anticipation is one of the most intense emotions a person can feel. There are many emotions that guides a person. Hate, Anger, Fear are all present in a person and while almost every emotion has the strength of reducing the reasoning faculties of a person to naught, each one is an experience of deep motivation for action, this one stands out.

While other emotions are due to an experience. You find yourself in peril, you feel fear; someone hurts you, the Hate emotion comes into place. You get this horrible feeling inside of yourself towards a situation you can’t do anything else about, feel free to experience Hate.

But what if nothing has happened yet. You are waiting. A bead of sweat forms on your forehead, wets your brow and crossing the whole face carries towards your neck. You have not been running or jumping or even walking. You were sitting on a chair, probably tapping your left foot unconsciously. That is anticipation. It consists of all the emotions in one- Fear of what might happen, happiness of what should happen, anger at what could happen. All the emotions staggering together in one bundle of joy called anticipation.

Mind you, unlike other emotions it cannot be found every now and then. To get a piece of this emotion you need to do something big. Something worth the wait. And then it will come!

The mother of all Schrodinger’s cat. Go feel it!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Baat un dino ki hai ye

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Ki ye dil mere paas tha.

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Na koi lamha udaas tha.

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Tumhe mujhpe aitbaar tha.

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Mujhko bhi to pyar tha.

Ab ye kya batayein kise.
Dil ka mere kya haal tha.

Tum jo gaye rooth kar.
Takhleeq(1) ya Ikhtitam(2) tha.

Ab jo tanhayee hai meri.
Iska bhi kya kaam tha.

Par ab jo pi hi liya.
Kal ye bas ek jaam tha.

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Humko jeene ka maan tha.

Baat un dino ki hai ye.
Ki ye dil mere paas tha.


1- Creation 2-End

It is one of those rare poems of mine that I have not thought in prose but have sung it all through. Even while writing I was singing it and not narrating it to myself.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sonnet 141- William Shakespeare

In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes,
For they in thee a thousand errors note,
But 'tis my heart that loves what they despise,
Who in despite of view is pleased to dote.
Nor are mine ears with thy tongue's tune delighted,
Nor tender feeling to base touches prone,
Nor taste, nor smell, desire to be invited
To any sensual feast with thee alone;
But my five wits nor my five senses can
Dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee,
Who leaves unswayed the likeness of a man,
Thy proud heart's slave and vassal wretch to be.
Only my plague thus far I count my gain,
That she that makes me sin awards me pain.


I should probably write something with it. Why would I chose a sonnet of the hundreds that are written? Why would I post it at all? But there are some questions that have no answers. Some questions should be left alone. Some things should be left to fate and believed with simple faith.