Monday, March 29, 2010

Love once, love again.

It is not easy I know.

It ain’t tough though as well.

It is just a bit different, that’s all.

When you have lost all.

Your dream is achieved maybe.

Or your passion destroyed.

It feels lonely, dark and desperate.

It is an empty feeling and hopelessness.

Tis’ time anyway.

To leave it all behind, far behind.

You have loved, you have lost.

You have loved and you won.

But history is what holds this story now.

Let it lie there alone and marinate.

After life it will be your accomplice,

In the matters of heaven and hell.

A fresh start is all you need.

Memories are what you want.

Leave your wants behind, put ‘em away.

Fulfill the needs, life takes care anyway.

You have loved once,

You will love again.

Reboot your life, it shall float again.

It is time, you know it too.

It is time.

Love once, love again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crush, Love and Obsession.

The question that I want to ask today is that are they governed by the same underlying feeling or not. I am not talking about the actions. Actions are always definers of our personality. But the thoughts are the real definitions. In other words actions are the manifestations of our thoughts which is the true inner, hidden quality.

So, these thoughts or feelings, are they different for crush, love and obsession?

Maybe, these are all actually identical with their source being the same pounding of heart or thumping of brain. All the hormones reacting in the same way in both the scenarios. The only difference that arise is from the way it seems to the other person. That is, our actions are what provide the necessary recognition to them.

You might say, what is the difference in them or how does it matter what someone thinks till their actions do not incorporate that thought? My answer is- You are absolutely correct! It does not matter if all you want is an acquaintance with the person. But what about someone you care about. Will you be happy if that person acts like a zombie or maybe a doll? And sometimes it is not because of society or circumstances. It is just because a person has accustomed himself or herself to it.

Also, if you know the mind you rule it. And whosoever rules the mind rules the world. So won’t it be better to know what someone is thinking and doing and why is the discrepancy occurring.

Back to the original thought, what is the difference between crush, love and obsession? Are they same beings with different personalities or are they actually different?

I do not know the answer to it, yet. If anyone has please do tell me.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Not again!!

A moment of truth came
Life is so fickle, it dawned
Nostalgia overtook, panic rose
Phoenixing its way in my heart
Why? Oh! Why it happens?
Over and over again.
”Death, please have mercy.
”Oh death! just this once.”
Cries like these echoed in my ear
Deafening roars of silence then ensued.
Tears also fulfilled their duty
Brimming the eyes, flowing a river.
’Twas but for a moment
Then, it was a vaccum.
Loneliness, sadness and grief
Each is a word compared to what this feels
As life in death’s clutches just squeals.
All that can be done has been done
Every attempt, try went in vain
All that is left in the end,
A hollow chest, an empty mind
My life ahead and you behind.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ek alfaaz nahin to
               Ek harf hi likhne do.
Zindagi ki kitab mein,
               Kuchh to aur bharne do.

Waqt khatm sa hai main jaanta hun.

Faqat mere liye, ek pal,
               Ek lamhe ko dheere chalne do.

Yahan ki khushbu bator lun main
Nazaare nayaab aankhon mein bhar lun main.

Phir to ikhtitam hona hai
Aainda ek anjaam hona hai

Jaanta hun main ki sach kya hai
Faisle ki nazakat kya hai.

Phir bhi
Khaali pade safhon pe
                Syahi thodi to padne do.