Saturday, September 17, 2011

True Success

True success comprise basically of two things, in varied proportions. 

1. What we want?

2. What others want from us?

The first is very important because it defines the criteria of our happiness. A person not doing what he wants or not achieving his own desired goal is never able to be at peace with himself. Such a person will, at best, be sad and disappointed, and at worst melancholic and depressed. To a person who fails the first question the whole world's acclaim seems useless. An example of such comes to my mind- 'Michael Jackson'. If there was one man who had it all, it was him. But, was it enough? He is considered one of the greatest music creators of this era by almost everyone and yet, what we most remember him in his later period was for child molestation, plastic surgery and weird things like changing his religion etc.

What happened? I am guessing the answer to the first question came out wrong for him. I read some obituary of his by another famous man and he said that the problem with Michael Jackson was that though the whole world loved him, he hated himself. He despised being black and thus ensued the plastic surgeries and the fake-falling noses. I do not know whether it is true and I guess no one besides him knows it either. My speculation though is this only. He was not happy and did not believe himself to be truly successful.

A person can not be truly successful unless he is successful in his own life. It is a necessary condition, if I may say so. What makes it not sufficient is the presence of psychopaths, sociopaths and really evil people in this world. After all their beliefs are destructive to the world and their vision of success is in itself skewed. To check the inclusion of these kinds I would say that the question two becomes a necessity. Of course, it does not have the same weight as the first question but to exclude the Hitlers and Bin Ladens of the world the people who are successful in the eyes of the people matters as well.

In conclusion, I would say that any person who went making the world a better place and himself or herself satisfied is a truly successful person. He could be an old man breathing his last breath in a hospital somewhere with his whole family outside holding their breath or a teenager with his girlfriend, in love, dreaming a life full of hope and happiness. A mother with a new born child is as truly successful as a mother seeing her child getting his college degree, all proud and teary. A women just getting a promotion and believing that she holds the baton of whole womanhood is as truly successful as a man fighting real hard to provide for his family and winning at last. They are all truly successful if they are all truly happy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please come back..

Sometimes you hate everything about someone. It is during these times that even the smallest of there faults look bigger than an elephant's dump. Similar to the fact when you like someone then you are blind to their every bit of possible dumps. Of course you may acknowledge them but like a baby's shit. Small price against the mighty cuteness of the baby.

It is such a common phenomenon that whenever a person avoids you, you can automatically assume that it is because of the above mentioned reason. No harm in it. But..
There is one more phenomenon, rare but still prevalent. It is when you hate yourself. You can run away from people you hate but how can you run away from yourself. Because there is no way (known way) to this author he only found one. Run away from people who know as that person. This way you would not have to take the torture of being with yourself at least other people. Rest of the time you can while away reading novel or watching movies. Fiction is always a good option when you want to run from yourself. It is depressing I know but that is what being depressed means. Sometimes you don't need a heart-break or money problems to be depressed. Sometimes you can just hate yourself for the smallest of the things. Like the dinosaur dump (or was it elephant's.. ;-) )

I have left a few people behind in my journey to hate myself. The journey was exciting and left me quite tired actually. Hating yourself is quite a full-time job I must say.
But now I wish I had not left those people behind. At least one of them. I wish they would come back. Let's see if the wishes are strong enough for Laws of Attraction to work. :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hunt for the perfect blog client

Once upon a time I was an avid blogger. Then came a drought. Now I am back to my old writing days..

The only problem is- I shifted from Windows to Linux. And do I miss live writer or what. Now I am on a hunt for the perfect desktop replacement for THE live writer.

Have tested two till now. Actually three but one is not even starting. Now I know why it had a 1-star rating in software center. ;)

KDE one was awesome till it started screwing with me. And now it won't even connect with the blog.

Drivel was another one that almost succeeded. The only problem- somehow it doesn't know the function of 'enter'. Or at least it can not explain it to blogger. All my articles look like what only a few should look like- garbage.

Blogtk never took off and now I am using Blog Entry Poster for this post. Let's hope this is the end of my search.


Unknown, Unfathomable, Uncharted, Un--

It is a great pleasure to become adept at something. It is even a greater pleasure to be a master. And the greatest pleasure of them all is to finally pass on that knowledge. To see someone going through the same phase of learning curve as you have passed.

The last thing is perhaps the greatest joy but like everything pure it is also bland. This is another one of my beliefs. All things pure are bland as well. Be it water, love, hatred et al. Thus we see people getting bored after they have reached the pinnacle. Only a challenge of the same or perhaps higher magnitude can give them us the same excitement. Like drugs every subsequent times the dosage needed is to be pumped up. It can be a lot, it can be minute but it has to be higher than last time. Even an equal dosage gives us satisfaction at best. Contentment is mostly unachievable not because it is tough to acquire but too easy to aspire. To the extent that it is not deemed profitable to have a satisfaction filled environment.

Competition and advertising are two tools that destroy contentment. We always aspire the new. And yet... We are scared by it. To the extent that there is a theory that the existing technology should not be too different than the current technology else the consumers reject it just because it is radically new. We want new but we are scared by too new. I was reading an article where they mentioned an experiment where they beautified a girl's photo by bringing the sharper features of her to the more average of humankind. People found it more beautiful. If the experiment is true than it is one of the most conclusive proofs that we are scared of abnormalities. I know it is too well known fact for me to find proofs for it. Most people will agree with it anyway. What I am amazed about is the wish to have something new and the cowardice to actually have it.  

"There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice." Mark Twain

I know I am leaving the post quite hanging but the mind went blank. So, I'll end this post with one word. This word is the key to these uncharted territories. It is the wardrobe to Narnia. The rabbit to Wonderland.


The only question is- "Will you follow through your yes? Will you see how deep the rabbit hole goes?"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kaash.. koi bahana hota.

Jis tarah mil jaate hain tumhe satane ke sau bahane.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi jeene ka koi bahana hota..

Jis tarah tum sapne bunti ho is jahan ke us falak ke.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi sone ka koi bahana hota..

Jis tarah tum bhool gayi mujhe ek unchhuye khayal sa.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi bhoolne ka koi bahana hota..

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Watching "The big bang theory" I have somewhat been shaped in geek lingo..

For the noobs, I am at home. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to. :D
Now now, don't feel dejected. I am not making fun of any one. It's just that my mood is on a fluffy cloud. Home does that to everybody. To me it's more than that. It's my dope.

Home gets me high. It gives me the peace, the zeal and the passion that my college saps away. Though I admit that this time I came a bit earlier than I myself thought. But as Penny said in big bang theory-

"The heart wants what the heart wants."

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Till I die

Till death do us part, I said.

Till death do us part, said she.

Death, I wait impatiently for now.

But no death cometh to see me.

When will this pain end, the sorrow die.

When will she suffer the pain and cry.

It was a mistake, I know it for sure.

Give me O Lord! another fresh try.

I will improve, you know, I always do.

Whenever you gave me chance anew.

She sucks my blood like a vampire.

And claims to be a vegetarian twilight.

I shudder to think of her any time.

Be it day, noon, evening or dreadful night.

She married me for money, now I see it clear.

Divorce on the horizon too is crystal clear.

Leave me, she will with nothing to live on.

Neither my money, nor my splendid youth.

Alas! horror! pity! If only I could have had.

My sweetest, dearest, lovely baby Ruth.

She is a devil and no minion I tell you for sure.

Minions might be bad but none so impure.

Give me death and end my suffering forever.

Or torture her and shred her piece by piece.

I know no other way of redemption, my Lord.

Till I die, that shall be my only peace.

George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just do it!

Everywhere I see, I observe opportunities wasted. I see chances lost and I see stupidity winning over plain logic via the moral mechanism. So that every one is on the same platform I am talking about sex. We live in a society which believes that an imaginary dude is controlling us but have the shit kick out of us on the mention of sex. It is something no one has done in our society. Of course not, ask anyone. Sex! Heck, some of the people had not heard of the term before I mention them. And those poor chaps who have heard give we a look of such utter wilderness that I shit myself thinking I have said 'Voldemort' aloud. I, in fact, look around half expecting a death-eater using an unforgivable curse on me. Some though are sly-dogs. Looking at me at with cunning eyes and mischievous smile as if I just broke the news that I am 'Edward' or 'the werewolf'- sorry I forgot the dude's name (and do not care enough to find it). The look is so omniscience I almost shout- WHAT!

I even do not know what to interpret from that smile. Am I being a prick, a sadist, a nymph or is it some inside joke between the whole world against me. Anyways, what ever be the reason, I am glad that our Gods are quite capable else ours might have become an extinct breed. We do not screw, Hell! We would not touch a girl if our life depended on it. This single course of event forces me to believe in higher forces.

Whoops! Going completely out of topic, I was talking about lost opportunity. People of the society, please follow 'nike'. This I am saying despite being an 'adidas' fan. God made us so that we have sex and companies made condoms to ensure that we don't spill the beans. Even Barack Obama's blessings our with us. The strongest man on the earth urges us- "Yes, we can". Trust him guys. He knows what he is saying. Bill Clinton even demonstrated this. What more do you want. An invitation to the effing 'White House'.

Before people run after me saying- "Dude what about you?" All I wanna say is a quote I once thought of- "Girls have sex when they are in Love, guys- when in Luck." All I am saying is that I am not 'Mat'- quote "The Wheel of Time". That is why I am talking about opportunities. Like, girlfriends for example. So many people have them around these days that soon not having one will be the fashion- ;) I am already ahead in the curve. Following fashion before it's arrival.

Whatever be the case, they seem in perfect situation except the 'moral mechanism'. I am not going to argue if it is right or wrong. I don't care that much about the rule or the society. But that seems to be quite hindrance. Still, I have always believed that in a war between society and nature, nature will kick society's ass every damn time. Except in this one case. Humans are a deadly lot controlling their most basic desires and passions.

Kudos. Though as an inside, there is not that much of a need guys. You have a girlfriend, you have got a place. Just do it. Why do you waste the opportunity. I know you have the inclination. I am not acting like some creep perv here. All I am talking about basic logic here. 1+1=2. That's all. In fact, I have been writing an article about sex and have no erection. That's how serious I am. In fact as engineers we should adhere to this logic even more. After all, two euphemisms for sex are engineering terminology- Screw and Nail. Respect them at least. Do something. Just do it!

I feel like an old cripple who can not play the game anymore and so is invigorating the more fortunate ones. I am gonna shut up now.

PS- People can lie, can't they? Oh yeah! They must be lying. Why did not I think about that before. Sorry for the article guys. People lie. But wait a minute... why?

PPS- Can't remember the damn wolf's name.
PPS2- JACOB!! Yeah baby.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Submerged in theory

When was the last time you opened Google. And for what? Let me have a swing at it. It was in this very hour and for solving a query. Queries are an integral part of our life. We have dedicated our whole lives in solving the mysteries the universe has provided us. They are many I know. We are the intelligent beings. We are a whole breed of Sheldons (The big bang theory). I am not condescending here. But sometimes it just is hard for me to understand the reason for this all. What does a wolf teaches it cub? To understand the gospels of Christianity or hadiths of Islam. Maybe understanding the philosophy of Socrates or literary genius of Shakespeare. Do you think the young ants learn their communist behavior from Karl Marx or beehives hum with the poetry of Ghalib. Nothing of that sorts. Only the baser things of life are taught by these animals. How to survive and how to make the best out of that life has to offer.

This is something that we are taught in a very sophisticated and complex way: by schools and colleges. I am on the verge of completing this journey. One more year and I shall be officially considered ready to live in the wilderness. Only, I am scared shit. I don't know anything about that world. Except of course what I have read. And this is something that I do not trust much; being a writer myself I know how much can the truth be distorted even in non-fiction. Looking back I realize that I too am a Sheldon. Not ready for the outer world. Immense knowledge about it, complete understanding but no experience.

I am reading a series: The Wheel of Time. Interesting, obviously, it has a character Lioal: an Ogier. I sometimes relate myself to him. I have studied everything but when it comes to facing the truth I am blank. When was I let in their to know the customs of the wilderness. Always held in captivity what chance do I have to captivate others. Maybe I am panicking but at least a simulation might have helped. I watch TED videos and their criticism on the study pattern of the world along with the experiences of my seniors tells me that I am in for a big surprise if I expect this knowledge to work. It makes me think.

Animals have a better course curriculum than us.At least they learn on the field and use this learning all their life. Their training is hard but it is not submerged in theory.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

To cloth or not to cloth!!

Clothes are one of the most important inventions of mankind. In fact they have got a history attached to them. They were the first direct outcome of that evil forbidden fruit that was eaten by the oh-I-am-a-dumb-bimbo-Eve and I-do-what-the-bimbo-says-jackass-Adam, with all due respect. The wisdom was granted to them by the great tree and the first thing that they realized was that they are well, naked. They run for the neighboring bushes to hide from, you guessed it right, each other. This is quite strange considering the fact that after that they actually saw each other naked many a times; they had how many babies?
Clothes are a legacy given to us, by Adam and Eve. Crappy relatives to have, still they are our relatives. You do not through away the legacy of your aunt Muriel when she died. You want to, I know but you don't. Especially when the gift ain't half as bad. After all even if it started as a savior from shame but now acts as a hero for us in so many other dimensions. From heat, dust, cold (weather in general), helps in peacocking and of course gives us what I would call a banner. To show which teams we are on or for that matter are we in business mood or are having fun. Our attires tell others everything. Imagine a women's football match with no clothes to find out the teams of those sweaty naked girls.
Oh! I am sorry. Just went into an imagination spree. Thankfully came back from the dream before it became a sticky one. So back to topic. Clothes are important in all respect. They help in seduction too, you know. If there is nothing to hide what will you reveal. Where is the thrill, isn't it.
Of course the way the girls wear clothes now-a-days it seems that all the wisdom from the forbidden fruit is long gone and the paradise was lost in vain. Such a waste. I am not saying I am some saint here. Frankly speaking the speed with which the girl's helm line is going up and how much the boys want their pants to go down I feel like God should actually accept us back. We are not Adam and Eve. If given the opportunity we will gladly go naked in that heavenly garden of his. There are whole societies who promote this lack of clothing. Even good causes are approaching towards this idea. Peta obviously likes the God's way. This sect though is small. We have got a whole large section of people who promote clothes and I am not talking about fashion magazines or designers (they are in fact God's spies behind enemy lines), I am talking about fashion houses and and Cloth mills. Also those religious branches, I already have a million reasons to dislike. I have mentioned a few in my earlier article here.
So, in this world where clothes liking people are in such overwhelming majority there is a shameful admission I want to make. This whole article is frankly just a guilt-ridden one. I with all humbleness and regret admit that I am not a very good heir. I do not like clothes very much. The lesser the better- that's my motto. My favorite season i summer and it has got nothing to do with the new movie '500 days of Summer'. It is mostly water melon and lack of clothes. I dislike winters for pretty much just one reason- too many clothes. In fact I was just taking a bath (in the middle of the night, in light winters) and it took me more than an hour to wear my clothes back. Just didn't feel like it. Any of you get that feeling after a bath?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The grass is greener on the other side.

And then there was one. I think that is one of the line from the bible. Now I am not a great fan of God-fiction. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it a lot. The mythologies, the stories and the whole getting the new ones in the world is awesome and intriguing. I just don't like the label they are sold with. Frankly, they are in the wrong section. Either they should be in the fiction section or the inspirational one, the one where the life improvement shit is kept. They are really inspirational, for one. They teach all the good moral values and are entertaining if seen from that perspective. The problem arises when people start believing this.

Do you know what the unwed mother of a boy says to her in real life- "You were given to me by God. You are the son of God."

Or, what is the subtitle of the latest motivational book- "This is the last book you will ever need."

I can probably write this about a lot more but I am bored by this. There are religions everywhere, spawning faster than the engineering colleges in India. Every religion tells a different story but oh my! they have the same message. Love, Care and etc. Any historian in his right mind will scoff at that and trust me any staunch historian might just get a stroke. Politicians on the other hand might have a tiny orgasm. To me, they all maybe to the same destiny but the route is damn screwed I tell you. One is full of potholes. Other, has got no road at all. One needs plenty of speed-breakers and how can that one have so many tolls. They are all demanding expenses to a destination that for one thing might turn out to be the gold sack at the end of the rainbow. What if no God exists?

And come the Atheists. Oh! they are the smarty-pants. They are the smarter race. Science explains everything and who needs a God anyway. There ain't no heaven or hell, just this earth.
Well, atheists lemme ask you something. What if, there is a God? At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold. The sky may not be falling, but nothing stops the meteorites, does it. You do run from a hail-storm. Science explains everything... after assuming a whole load of crap like 26 dimensions or lots and lots of strings. There is a constant named Planck's constant (h). It has a value so small that.. I do not even have a simile for that. And still if it becomes any bigger or just goes to zero the whole world will collapse. Of course the scientific one. Ours is up and running like a wild horse. Do you really have that much trust on that tiny little 'h'? Not so smart are we now.

Agnostic on the other hand are truly smart. They are the Switzerland in the whole world war. They believe that we do not have enough proof for either. They basically say that they will jump the boat whichever wins. Nice strategy in the short run. In the long run, not so much. Trust me guys, when the whole dust settles you will be the pussies who could not make up their mind. God if exists will kick the crap out of you even more when you will say- "But we were waiting for you to show up." And if there is no God, congratulations you have spend a life time without any stand or any backbone for that matter.
I have been an agnostic and to all you are intrigued by this let me tell you something, be atheist or a theist instead. At least they are fun.

Of course, I never understood the concept of loving all religions (including atheist and agnostic). I can of course comprehend hating them all. If five things are in separate directions you can go in just one or maybe none but not all. If there are five roads to a place, you can choose any one, carve your own new path but in no humanly possible way walk them all. You can ignore them but not embrace them. But then it is just me- full of hope and sunshine.

And then there was one- Me.
What am I? I am..


I don't care if God exists or not. My decisions are not influenced by this particular parameter. I tried being all at one point or the other thinking that maybe the grass is greener on the other side but apparently there was a great drought in human society at some point and all that is left is some hay and lots of dust.