Thursday, October 9, 2008

Why me??

Last night I screwed up big time.Do not ask me what happened. Why? Because I will not tell you, that's why ;). But the only thing that came to  my mind was "Why me??" Why have the great power of making a mess of perfection given to me by the almighty( remember I am not atheist). Give me heaven for a day and you will find hell the next day.

Waaaiiit a bit. Isn't this the same thing a guy named Adam is famous for. If I remember correctly this guy was given a perfect world and he screw it up big time and...    and we are his successors, aren't we. Sooo that's why i did it. Its in my blood, isn't it? That's why I hate perfection. I just can not be perfectly happy because.. c'mon its perfection guys and our nature can not tolerate this. This completely explains our curiosity for any and everything. This explains why we have different religions and factions. Why are we of different colors (read race) ? It helps us. According to theory of evolution we evolved this way so that we can fight and live 'sadly ever after'. 

Finally I got the answer for my great mishaps (not only this one but I always do this) and seeing myself not alone I feel calm. Though I would really hope that in course of evolution this habit of ours subside. For how long will we make hell out of the happiness which we get. 


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