Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Gaza

Wounds were when washed

Brought nothing but fresh blood

Medicines and pastes were used

But none would stop this flood


Time’s up, my instinct said

But my job is left undone

Though more are there around

Who will finish what I have done


Tears fought through my eyes

Trickling one after the other

Washing away my eye sight

Fading away my dear brother


Sounds of thunder came out loud

A house near me just died

Air-crafts then I heard above

Killer birds, every where they flied


An emotion rose in me

I cannot loose, I cannot die

Everyone here counts on me

This moment I cannot cry


Blood be gone. life through

Death itself I will dare

My corpse shall stand and fight

For my people, I love and care

1 comment:

Rajeev said...

khush kar diya launde tune...shabash,,
meri sangat ka achha asar pada hai tujhpar.. ;)