Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The train poems-III

After the last poem, Mohit had the enlightenment of remembrance of a poem about a guy who is desperate for sex but the poem does not uses the words and all. The feeling should come out but not the translation. Some thing like that. So, this poem I wrote after this.


Alright, Its fine

Things happen that can’t be changed

Don’t look back, its no use

Ya, I know, I know you are right


No buts can bring the moment back

No ifs can change the future anymore

You have experienced it all

Now, let it go.

Who are you to tell me that!

How can you say that?

Every breath, every goose bump

Every drop of sweat

How can I forget this?

Why will I not want it back?

Time will come, I assure you

Just have patience

No, not this tile

I have waited much

I have waited long

Listened to my brain

I have had enough

I want the moments back

I want the impulse back.

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