Friday, April 2, 2010

Home and Back.

This is a tale of two journeys in a span of three days. In a hurry to reach home I could not get proper reservation. So, from here a general ticket and 200 Rs. ensured that I was allowed to stay in sleeper coach. But that didn’t get me a seat and till 2:30 am I was just sitting and hoping to get some sleep. After that I got a seat (finally!!) and was devoid of it in a few hours again. Luckily I instantly got another bed to savor.

What was so interesting in it? I mean isn’t it the tale of every other college guy travelling through train. Sure! But how many travel with a dog beside them? Smile

When I woke up in the morning I saw a German Shepherd (2 months old) sitting where I sat during my journey. It was I remembered, the one I saw in the railway station as well. So it must be travelling with me from the beginning. What luck!!

Then I went to bus stand and well.. sat on a bus and started reading comics. After half an hour I realized that the bus was circling the stand and I wasted hour an hour of mine. Anyways, finally I reached home.


Coming back I had no reservation again so a general ticket I bought. Then I decided out of whim to try the general compartment as well. Saving the money of my parents! Wink
It was fun to travel though now I am completely exhausted, sleep-deprived and tired. And everyone should try general compartment once for experience.

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