Sunday, February 6, 2011

Till I die

Till death do us part, I said.

Till death do us part, said she.

Death, I wait impatiently for now.

But no death cometh to see me.

When will this pain end, the sorrow die.

When will she suffer the pain and cry.

It was a mistake, I know it for sure.

Give me O Lord! another fresh try.

I will improve, you know, I always do.

Whenever you gave me chance anew.

She sucks my blood like a vampire.

And claims to be a vegetarian twilight.

I shudder to think of her any time.

Be it day, noon, evening or dreadful night.

She married me for money, now I see it clear.

Divorce on the horizon too is crystal clear.

Leave me, she will with nothing to live on.

Neither my money, nor my splendid youth.

Alas! horror! pity! If only I could have had.

My sweetest, dearest, lovely baby Ruth.

She is a devil and no minion I tell you for sure.

Minions might be bad but none so impure.

Give me death and end my suffering forever.

Or torture her and shred her piece by piece.

I know no other way of redemption, my Lord.

Till I die, that shall be my only peace.

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