Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please come back..

Sometimes you hate everything about someone. It is during these times that even the smallest of there faults look bigger than an elephant's dump. Similar to the fact when you like someone then you are blind to their every bit of possible dumps. Of course you may acknowledge them but like a baby's shit. Small price against the mighty cuteness of the baby.

It is such a common phenomenon that whenever a person avoids you, you can automatically assume that it is because of the above mentioned reason. No harm in it. But..
There is one more phenomenon, rare but still prevalent. It is when you hate yourself. You can run away from people you hate but how can you run away from yourself. Because there is no way (known way) to this author he only found one. Run away from people who know as that person. This way you would not have to take the torture of being with yourself at least other people. Rest of the time you can while away reading novel or watching movies. Fiction is always a good option when you want to run from yourself. It is depressing I know but that is what being depressed means. Sometimes you don't need a heart-break or money problems to be depressed. Sometimes you can just hate yourself for the smallest of the things. Like the dinosaur dump (or was it elephant's.. ;-) )

I have left a few people behind in my journey to hate myself. The journey was exciting and left me quite tired actually. Hating yourself is quite a full-time job I must say.
But now I wish I had not left those people behind. At least one of them. I wish they would come back. Let's see if the wishes are strong enough for Laws of Attraction to work. :D

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