Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Date

It was one thing to fall for someone.
To see someone fall.
The girl likes me, why so much?

Then there is that voice,
The voice in my heart that tears.
Like a paper cut it bleeds my heart.
This trickle of blood,
Writes on my skin.

'She will be mine.
I will hurt her.
She will laugh,
She will so much cry.'

Like a tattoo that I can't remove.
Like an ache no one can see.
It lingers in my body,
It crawls in my veins.

What I feel matters little.
Emotions I have,
But do they really amount to

My mind, should I listen to it.
My heart, it wants something else.
Between the two,
Therein lies the truth.

The truth that I hide from myself too.
The truth that heart and mind,
Fail to understand.
Or maybe fail to meet.

The two go so resolute.
The truth escapes their route.

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