Wednesday, January 7, 2015


You are selfish, said the selfless one.
You are lazy, said the hardworker.
You are adamant, said the gullible.
Loser, said the one who lost.

I was judged thoroughly.
Every single time.
The judgements are right.
I’ll chime.

They are all right.
They all know the truth.
I am selfish, lazy, adamant all.
Loser too, is an ok call.

Please then, see through me right.
And leave me, alone, tonight.
The ghosts have bothered me not much.
The past too haunts me zilch.

It is the present,
It is the people.

People who claim all the love.
People who care for me.
Please stay,
Far away from me.

Maybe I need you.
Maybe I will die without.
But let me die this once please.
I don’t want you so.
Please stay away from me.

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