Sunday, November 2, 2008

My first Editorial.

Renaissance or as it means in French- 'Rebirth'- used to bring to my mind history and my mind wandered off to Europe of 15th century. Now it brings the thought of IIT Roorkee, my campus, my hostel and my friends. This has been the effect or I should say euphoria of RENAISSANCE. This magazine has seen more years here than us who have been given the responsibility to help it grow from a small plant into a huge tree of wisdom and shelter. And we hope that our efforts give it the necessary nutrients to not only outlast our stay here but in fact reach the pinnacle of survival i.e. immortality.

            You might have heard of the bird ‘Phoenix’. It is a mythical creature which dies with flames coming out of its body and is reborn from the ashes. We would like you to remember that bird whenever you see the logo of RENAISSANCE. Also we would like you to remember our magazine whenever you hear about this majestic creature- the biggest example of renaissance.

            Every time Renaissance is published it undergoes a metamorphosis, flavoured according to the new team but one thing that will and can never change is its inner spirit. The spirit which is the source of inspiration for us and gives us a desire to seek new horizons and conquer new skies. To this spirit we dedicate our tagline-“The Flight of Desire”.

             We would like to applaud the efforts of all the writers who have contributed in the moulding of this magazine. Talent of the new batch has given us both a great pleasure and a great pain. Pleasure to see that RENAISSANCE will go in safe hands in the future and pain to remove the good articles which deserved a space here. Nevertheless, we hope that the readers cherish this effort on our part.

             In the end I would like to make a small request to our readers. Please do read the first article “The angst of the ‘Ance’” by our senior S. Karthik. It is about a small mistake that we all have been making and the magazine suffering.

[ The angst of the 'Ance' can be read on the blog]

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Andy said...

tru to heart and crisp of nature...nice work dude...dis is so gonna change things for ren( for the better, i.e.). i luv the comparision wid phoenix, considering i'd lyk one ma slf :)

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