Monday, December 15, 2008

Lone Rider..

Walking away towards solitude

Far, far away it is now.

Even now though vibes I feel

Deep, deep in myself

This journey is taking me.

Where am I now?

Where I was before?

How does it matter though?

Loneliness, darkness and mystery;

Beautiful and humbling is this journey.

It is changing me 'tis true

In ways I never knew.

People see light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is beautiful when the road ends.

One journey is they say most important.

To death it leads; to new life some say.

That journey is a long one I know.

If comparison becomes a neccesity.

A trip is what am doing

In front of the colossus destination

Death whom we all name.

But still I feel

This journey is more significant.

In me I see

What even a God's vision might lack.

Love-Hatred, Truth-n-Lies

Shadows and light so bright.

But what sobers me the most

I feel and know first time in life

The true meaning of being alive.

This trip to myself 

Enlightens me the most.

Journey to death can wait a while.

Let me have a partner besides.

To me is where I belong first.

A journey to me is where 

This lone rider must go first.

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