Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing to write

These are one of the usual days when I have nothing to write or rather blabber about. Saw a movie with friends- The Transporter 3. No one enjoyed it much but at least it was good time pass. It reminded everyone of hindi movies and no one was happy about it in particular. Logics were left conveniently by the makers and ...

But I am not writing a movie review here. Go and watch the movie or listen to the more experts around. I do not have anything to write but let me update the blog about my this dismal situation and how it arose.

What happens is that if I am not busy then I get bored. Busy means doing something very exhaustive. Alas! many times comes a situation when we are not killing ourselves. It is these situations when my body and mind take a break and go on a paid leave. I can not even think properly let alone write anything.

God's cruelest game with me (if God exist) is I can not even enjoy life if I am not working. Holidays become punishment instead of boon. He laughs sitting up there (tired of plotting against me, I guess) while I flip between toiling and getting bored. Right now I  am getting bored and thus my writing skills are suffering. Wish I had something to do..

P.S.- Anyone getting any slightest hint that I am a hard working guy be cautioned. I am one of the laziest people you will ever come across. Its just that if laziness becomes my condition then I can not unlazy myself.

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