Monday, June 8, 2009

Odd! I know.

Now this might seem a bit awkward and odd to anyone who hears it but I have to write it.

What if you cook food for someone and that person rejects the food. What should you do? Wait till the person wants to eat the food. (Obviously assuming that the food is not getting stale).

Or should it be given to someone who needs it and/or appreciates it?

Now, this food analogy I want to apply on Love. If you love someone and that someone rejects your love then, should you wait for the love to come back. Yes, hell Ya! I know. So what time do you think is enough? One year, two year, a decade or a lifetime. :) Why am I seeing some people sweating. What?

Oh! You thought I was talking about days or weeks. Sorry to let you down guys.

I was thinking over it and just came to conclusion that there should be a point where one should know to quit. If you do not know a lost cause when you see one you are in for loss and nothing else. Anyways I believe that most people know when the relationship ended but just blindfold themselves. Like the entrepreneurs who see their company going down and yet they keep putting their money in it until they bankrupt themselves.

So keeping it analogous to my food phenomenon if I love someone but that person rejects my love (whatever be the reason) then what I should do? Try again, yes, obviously. But if I know it is an impossibility then..? Should I still love the person who doesn’t need my love and maybe has no respect for it too? Or should I find a person who will appreciate this love and maybe even reciprocate the feelings?

I for one believe that one can fall in love more than once and thus I believe that we should fall in love again; someone who needs that love, someone who love me back and with whom my life is filled with happiness.

By the way, I associate love with happiness too. If you are not happy in a relationship then that love is not a positive one.

Therefore my say on my own query shall be that I think the love too like food should be distributed to people who respond to it.

One more analogy coming in my mind. If you have a child and the child dies. Your heart is broken and you are lost. So should you go into your cocoon and sit there crying and loving the child no more in this world.

I know what I would do. I will adopt a child who needs a parent and nourish the child to great success. I may not be able to love the child like my own but it will still be more than he/she ever got and a life will be made in the process.

OK! All people looking at me furiously for my vague and odd analogies I am going to end this post just with this. Think what your love is. Is it a gift which can make someone happy or is it your lawn where – “Trespassers will be prosecuted”?


Anonymous said...

are you in love?

Rajeev said...

I do not quite appreciate the analogy...
food and love are respectably two different phenomena, and by all means I won't suggest deducing an analogy between them...
Ummm....ya perhaps I agree that you can fall in love again...
as to whether or not to wait, its all you to decide..
It depends how deeply you love the person...and how easily you can move on with some other relationship.....
If you think, you wouldn't be able to do justice with your new relationship, it is pointless to try to examine the possibility..
ok now coming down to the cause- impossible !
Well, if it really is impossible, then surely move on to a new relation (again that depends on whether you would be able to cross the threshold of happiness )
coz if u r not even one percent happy with the person, it makes no sense whether you live with her, or without her..

^^^^ Above are purely my views... and you may or may not agree with me..
Anyway best of luck Kapes, if you are moving on to a second relation!!!! Cheers!!!!!

Anonymous said...

is the second relation wid sulls?

coz den da food analogy wud be perfect.
NO! Really!! think bout it! it'd be lyk if someone doesnt like eating your vermicelli....
u move on n hv worms!! :D
cheerz XD

Rajeev said...

why anonymous posting @***
Buri aadat!!!

KP said...

I kept this analogy b'cos practically 'I love food'. So correlating was quite natural. And it is rejection whether of food or love that forms the base of the feelings. Also it is the loss that hurts us. Many-a-times people shut themselves just because of this rejection or loss. I was thinking about this isolation.

You can not think about anything but Sulls, eh?
And about love...
I am always in love.

Anonymous said...

kunal prakash...u r just...too much...!!!
whatever comes to ur mind...i mean whateverrrr..u just write that...

food n love... wow...fantastic...what a analogy...!!!

u love food...tasty food...yum yum yum..

so i guess ur next blog should be on "TASTE OF LOVE"...

Anonymous said...


itne saare anon posts, n u cud only spot me in da whole faceless crowd!! WTF!!


Arvind said...

Though Love does not comes under my field...I want to say smthin

I think if u want back...then that thing is not "love"..its infatuation...

Its a very old filmy dialogue but its true...."there is not give n take in love"

U love her...{see..I m using "her" here..coz this is the blog of kp...when KP comes...I don't feel like to put a /him}..u said it to her...she refused to be in a relationship....SO what?? Will now u hate here...or ur love will vanish???

If this is the case than LISTEN....


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