Saturday, January 29, 2011

The grass is greener on the other side.

And then there was one. I think that is one of the line from the bible. Now I am not a great fan of God-fiction. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it a lot. The mythologies, the stories and the whole getting the new ones in the world is awesome and intriguing. I just don't like the label they are sold with. Frankly, they are in the wrong section. Either they should be in the fiction section or the inspirational one, the one where the life improvement shit is kept. They are really inspirational, for one. They teach all the good moral values and are entertaining if seen from that perspective. The problem arises when people start believing this.

Do you know what the unwed mother of a boy says to her in real life- "You were given to me by God. You are the son of God."

Or, what is the subtitle of the latest motivational book- "This is the last book you will ever need."

I can probably write this about a lot more but I am bored by this. There are religions everywhere, spawning faster than the engineering colleges in India. Every religion tells a different story but oh my! they have the same message. Love, Care and etc. Any historian in his right mind will scoff at that and trust me any staunch historian might just get a stroke. Politicians on the other hand might have a tiny orgasm. To me, they all maybe to the same destiny but the route is damn screwed I tell you. One is full of potholes. Other, has got no road at all. One needs plenty of speed-breakers and how can that one have so many tolls. They are all demanding expenses to a destination that for one thing might turn out to be the gold sack at the end of the rainbow. What if no God exists?

And come the Atheists. Oh! they are the smarty-pants. They are the smarter race. Science explains everything and who needs a God anyway. There ain't no heaven or hell, just this earth.
Well, atheists lemme ask you something. What if, there is a God? At the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold. The sky may not be falling, but nothing stops the meteorites, does it. You do run from a hail-storm. Science explains everything... after assuming a whole load of crap like 26 dimensions or lots and lots of strings. There is a constant named Planck's constant (h). It has a value so small that.. I do not even have a simile for that. And still if it becomes any bigger or just goes to zero the whole world will collapse. Of course the scientific one. Ours is up and running like a wild horse. Do you really have that much trust on that tiny little 'h'? Not so smart are we now.

Agnostic on the other hand are truly smart. They are the Switzerland in the whole world war. They believe that we do not have enough proof for either. They basically say that they will jump the boat whichever wins. Nice strategy in the short run. In the long run, not so much. Trust me guys, when the whole dust settles you will be the pussies who could not make up their mind. God if exists will kick the crap out of you even more when you will say- "But we were waiting for you to show up." And if there is no God, congratulations you have spend a life time without any stand or any backbone for that matter.
I have been an agnostic and to all you are intrigued by this let me tell you something, be atheist or a theist instead. At least they are fun.

Of course, I never understood the concept of loving all religions (including atheist and agnostic). I can of course comprehend hating them all. If five things are in separate directions you can go in just one or maybe none but not all. If there are five roads to a place, you can choose any one, carve your own new path but in no humanly possible way walk them all. You can ignore them but not embrace them. But then it is just me- full of hope and sunshine.

And then there was one- Me.
What am I? I am..


I don't care if God exists or not. My decisions are not influenced by this particular parameter. I tried being all at one point or the other thinking that maybe the grass is greener on the other side but apparently there was a great drought in human society at some point and all that is left is some hay and lots of dust.

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