Monday, January 31, 2011

Submerged in theory

When was the last time you opened Google. And for what? Let me have a swing at it. It was in this very hour and for solving a query. Queries are an integral part of our life. We have dedicated our whole lives in solving the mysteries the universe has provided us. They are many I know. We are the intelligent beings. We are a whole breed of Sheldons (The big bang theory). I am not condescending here. But sometimes it just is hard for me to understand the reason for this all. What does a wolf teaches it cub? To understand the gospels of Christianity or hadiths of Islam. Maybe understanding the philosophy of Socrates or literary genius of Shakespeare. Do you think the young ants learn their communist behavior from Karl Marx or beehives hum with the poetry of Ghalib. Nothing of that sorts. Only the baser things of life are taught by these animals. How to survive and how to make the best out of that life has to offer.

This is something that we are taught in a very sophisticated and complex way: by schools and colleges. I am on the verge of completing this journey. One more year and I shall be officially considered ready to live in the wilderness. Only, I am scared shit. I don't know anything about that world. Except of course what I have read. And this is something that I do not trust much; being a writer myself I know how much can the truth be distorted even in non-fiction. Looking back I realize that I too am a Sheldon. Not ready for the outer world. Immense knowledge about it, complete understanding but no experience.

I am reading a series: The Wheel of Time. Interesting, obviously, it has a character Lioal: an Ogier. I sometimes relate myself to him. I have studied everything but when it comes to facing the truth I am blank. When was I let in their to know the customs of the wilderness. Always held in captivity what chance do I have to captivate others. Maybe I am panicking but at least a simulation might have helped. I watch TED videos and their criticism on the study pattern of the world along with the experiences of my seniors tells me that I am in for a big surprise if I expect this knowledge to work. It makes me think.

Animals have a better course curriculum than us.At least they learn on the field and use this learning all their life. Their training is hard but it is not submerged in theory.

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