Monday, May 4, 2015

Finally the Mac

I have rarely gotten anything easily. I crossed JEE in two attempts, got into MBA a year later than I planned and my first stint at college was not good for my grades so going to give it a second try. Even in mathematics, it took me two boards to get a perfect score. My parents have ensured that the same goes for things too.

I got my videogame long after I wished for it. By the time I got the video game, I had already cried for it in public places often and had already spent more money than its actual cost in pay for play parlours.

My PS3 took years to come and so did the first LCD tv. Both got to me together. And of course, the mac. I wanted my first computer to be a Mac. It was not to be of course. At that time, the financial condition was not good enough to buy a Mac and I was in too much hurry to wait for a couple of years to save that kind of money. Instead I went for an HP. I do not think it was a bad choice. However, it was not a good one either. I have learnt the art of patience the hard way but I have indeed learnt it.

In fact, the Mac that I have has come after 3 years of longing but not buying. I could have bought it when I got the job but I decided to wait until I absolutely needed it. My company helped in the wait by giving me a laptop for work. It was a Lenovo T series and good laptops come out of lenovo’s stable.

However, finally, the wait got over. The wait paid off in a laptop that is the latest model, will work for the years to come and gives me time to fall in love with it all over again. I always knew I would buy a Macbook Pro. Initially, I was going to buy a 17” (years ago), then I thought of buying a 15” but finally, by the time I actually bought it, 13” rule the world.

Thus, I have the latest Macbook Pro 13” that I am writing this article on.

I am loving the smoothness and although I do miss a few things here or there of windows, I doubt I will ever miss those things enough to go back to Windows without absolute necessity.

My next laptop will be a Macbook Pro 13” 2018 Model. Just a guess.. ;)