Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taking time

It was, I think, Warren Buffet who said: 'Somethings just take time.'

He was not wrong. In fact, sometimes, somethings are better off with taking more time. As much as I want to say that it doesn’t matter, sometimes a few extra minutes is all that takes for life to go from almost raw to freshly cooked.

Another example would be a bath. Normally, a 5 minutes activity, it is done to clean the body. However, add extra 10 minutes (I know, 15 minutes is too much for a guy!) and you come out with a clean soul. The burden of life has been swept off from the body and the pains of the past are all drowning with sweat and dirt. I know this because I am experiencing this at the present moment. I am enjoying this bliss right now while writing these words and in all probability, these words are an outcome of this freshness of mind and body that I am feeling at 7 PM in the evening.

In our attempts to save those extra minutes of our lives, I suppose we have forgotten the charms of giving those extra minutes to ourselves. I don’t think such baths are in my future any time soon. However, I will remember to cherish them whenever the opportunity arises.