Tuesday, July 14, 2015

That first look

That first look, that first smile.
I knew that I had gone fragile.

The heart pounding, with joy.
The brain, frozen, a broken toy.

That first hi, I knew I was done.
Not a single day now, is a burden.

I knew not what to do.
I knew not what to do.

Love, it is not, I think so.
Infatuation, I hope so.

Not because I can’t get you.
Not because I don’t want you.

Simply because you are perfect.
A gemstone without any defect.

Any closer, and two things happen.
Either I die, or my spirits dampen.

I burn by your flame like a moth.
Or the truth burns my soul draught.

The distance, keeps the heart fonder.
The void, keeps the relation stronger..