Thursday, September 25, 2008

Can Not Be An Atheist.

If you will see my Orkut profile you will see, religion- Agnostic. The truth is I do not understand the meaning of being an agnostic (OK! don't look at me like that I'm gonna explain. Now read on-). The reason that I have put this up is because of the other options. My birth religion is Hinduism- which I do not follow.

I make jokes on religions and Gods. I rarely (read never) go to temples and following the rituals is off the window. I have also read on many other religions like Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and a few more but none of them can I follow. Let me tell you why->

Christianity says sex is sin. Now I don't hold them in court for that; I just would like to say that I am gonna commit this sin so what's the point in following a religion if you cannot follow it properly.

Islam as told to me by my friend (He is a staunch muslim) is a religion with military like rules making a person stronger and all. Well, let me just say one thing- I can not live without music and it is banned in Islam.

Sikhs have to keep long hair which I can not do. Buddhism and Jainism are preachers of non-voilence and I am a non-vegetarian. Besides this, God save the guy who flirts with my sister. In short can't follow those two either.

In fact taking into account everything my religion suits me best. But I do not follow it as one should. So, according to most of religions (barring my own I believe) I will go to hell. So I must be an atheist, isn't it? But I am not. According to me atheist believe that there is no God and they follow no religion. But believing that there is no God in itself is following a religion. How can they (the atheists) be so sure that there is no God?

I do not believe that there is no God. My reason- same as atheists. They are followers of 'Science' and science says "WHY?". Why do you say there is God? True. Whenever there is something happening science says, ask the question- Why? I agree with atheists on this.

My only query is- whenever science is inventing something the question I usually hear is- "Why not?" Now for once instead of earlier question if this question is applied the whole scenario changes-
                  "God Exist"                                      "Do God Exist?"
                  "Why?"                                             "Why Not?"

There are a million thing which science can not explain. A lot of theories which can go wrong. So trusting science is not as different as trusting God.

And that is why I am an agnostic. I can not follow any given religion but, that includes atheism too.


Twisted Realities said...

u are totally confused ....

geniusnishant88 said...

hmm.. really tough idols to believe... but believing in god is a hard job, my friend..
if christianity were to call sex as a sin, we wouldnt be having christianity as the biggest religion, and people like atif aslam as the best music creators... anyways good concepts.. :)

KP said...

nishant, its true that in Christianity sex is sin. nd ask any muslim.they ought to tell you that music is haraam in islam. people now do not actually follow their religion.

geniusnishant88 said...

hmm.. cool..
so anyones not following these sexy religions... but i like them... they are very interesting...
its like party thing.. its fun to have one.. be a leader.. keep on changing.. hu asks u to be in one party..

Amir Kadam said...

look, if u said u can't follow any of this then juz think what's ur life's motto.. why u here in this world? every religion is almost lost their own concept.. but tell me u don't get thought like how this world created? if u say amiba is first, blah... blah.. theory... then think long... u will find out that those amiba also created by Him. It's ur faith. i juz expressed my view.. so if u think this is crap then forget it..