Tuesday, September 16, 2008

'RENAISSANCE'-A New Adventure.

Every now and then comes a time when we all review ourselves (exams are one such opportunity-only thing is, reviews are really bad). While writing I feel the same way. This time its about RENAISSANCE- the magazine where this habit of mine took the baby steps. I have been writing since ... ever, I guess, but when what a person writes get recognition then the pride and joy one feels is something I cannot .. no would not describe. You have to feel it; this magazine gave me that joy. I realized that what I write has some value and it was a boost to the confidence that I guess will never subside. Today, while writing in this blog I again feel the part of this culture that our campus has generated over the years. To be the Head Editor of this magazine gave me great pleasure. 



A View from an Editor


After all the things I said earlier I would like to tell how I am-or rather we are-feeling as editors. Our job is to get the articles from everyone, choose the best ones and give it to the design team for printing purpose. Sounds simple na. Now let me tell how exactly it is..


It is like playing a game. 


First stage-

Ask the juniors..

first month, you do not know the name of many of them and conversation is minimal( intro nahi hua hai,that is why) and now you have to explain them the Renaissance.


MAJOR TASK-convince them to give articles..

BONUS-you get articles on time and enough in numbers.

HURDLE-motivate them for originality(and yet getting quality)


I do not know why everyone is convinced that they are bad writers. Even the most famous writers do not claim to be the best.


Second stage-

Read 'em all..

articles come, you read and your heart bleeds. The first lot I got almost killed me off. Besides a few all were, let us say.. below par. None was exceptional that I could pat the guy's back.


MAJOR TASK-find atleast few good articles..

BONUS-get an exceptional treat..


SPECIAL TASK-find the copiers(else they find a place in the magazine BEWARE!!)


But let us not frustrate over that, some articles are good(second lot showed substantial improvement) and then hopefully another lot is on the way.. 


Third Stage-

The Seniors saga..

we are lazy, I accept that but hello! guys this is our magazine, OUR MAGAZINE if I might add.


MAJOR TASK-get the 2,3,4 yearites to pick up the pen.

BONUS-a sure shot article promised.

HURDLE-If you get an article,none.But,if you get an article.

SPECIAL-your own year is the laziest.wake them up.



I have played the game up to third stage only so I do not know what lies ahead. Will tell you all as soon as I find it. Besides there are other expansion packs to this game namely-

1. Get the spon.

2. Where's the site?

Other players are playing these games and hopefully they are having fun..

I am having a lot of fun playing this game despite sometimes the stages are a bit tough.


more info on the game and expansions later...


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