Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dreams or Nightmares???

Once as I was browsing through comic strips(one of my hobbies) I came across one of "Dennis the Menace". In it Dennis was telling his friend how nightmares are actually better than dreams.Why?His answer was -"It is so because after a dream we feel sad and after nightmare we feel happy that it was just a nightmare". I think it is so because of the after-effects(aftereffects-booze anyone),meaning that what use is a dream if it makes you unhappy and unsatisfied. Aren't nightmares better; they not only make us realise that there are worse conditions than in which we are but also give happiness a meaning.Isn't this said that beauty only has value till there is ugliness, good is what it is because we fear bad. So isn't it better we experience this sadness or fear in our dream rather than in real life.

All religions propagate 'contentment' as the source of true happiness. Maybe these nightmares are God's way of preaching this thought. Then it means that God is talking to us by the source of nightmares;man I would rather have nightmares, at least I am talking to the 'GOD'.

Leaving philosophy aside, I believe dreams are an integral part of one's life and when we all guys sit in night during our late night chatting("bucker" as they call in my campus-dunno why) dreams are wonderful thing to discuss. Specially when you hear the nightmares; man they are awesome or what, one actually can feel the shivers sometime just hearing them(great bed-time stories I may say).

Then there are dreams which we see while we are  awake but let us talk about them some other time(they are not the part of this great Dennis-Theory:-you should always see good dreams). This poem is dedicated to this theory on a comic strip. I believe that everything in life teaches me to live-even comic strips. So I start my blog with dreams.

Dreams come, Dreams go
Like water in the river flow
Some are so strange in nature
They overcome reality in stature.

I had one such dream last night
Which I remember, sharp and bright
It was a nightmare than dream
So much so, its a wonder I didn't scream.

There was death,deceit and strife
Like I was in someone else's life
When I woke up it was clear
That its a dream and nothing to fear.

One thought though, lingers in my mind
When I am away from daily grind
Among good dreams and bad
Which are actually happy and which sad?

Nightmares are sad we all hear
B'cos in them death feels near
But I have a different thought
Which by all cannot be bought.

Good dream is actually a nightmare
I know it is a thought really rare
But if you think my way
You will know what I want to say.

After a nightmare we thank God
And feel happy with what we've got
A good dream makes us sad
Also unhappy with what we've had.

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