Thursday, February 26, 2009


They are ugly, they are beautiful, they get you captured, they liberate you. Dasvidaniya- one of my current favourite movies is all about confessions. Confessing that your life sucks. Confessing that you love someone or rather loved someone since ever. Confessing that death is scary.


Well, I am not dying or anything. At least as far as I know I have no incurable disease. In fact, no disease at all. Yesterday, I along with my poly friends were coming from Lucknow. We had went to CIPET-Central Institute for Plastic Engineering and Technology. Coming back we got divided into two groups because of tickets booked in S1 and S3. So, of the 13 me along with Rajeev, Apoorv, Umar, Lokesh, Anuja, Shilpi and Dingse were together. We were up all night and chatted about what not. From theology to general philosophy to music to movies, everything.


There can be several posts on what we talked about (and there will be). This is about a particular topic. Crush. We were supposed to confess our crushes. I am not very cautious about telling my crushes but I was this time and I cleverly told about my one crush in a fashion that no one asked me a second one. Till then, I was sure that no telling about other(s). Then another moment came, I had to speak. I had a moment’s time to decide whether to side with truth or lie. I asked my heart, my gut, my impulse, my inner-self I don’t know what but the only answer was that it was time for confessions. I stumbled in my speech, took a deep breath and well, shocked everyone. But I realized something, confessions help. I am feeling liberated and though maybe these confessions may give others problems, confusions, anger or anything else which I don’t know, I shall say that this feeling was worth that. And yes, I am selfish enough to want to get this feeling.


Obviously, my first reaction should be to find the result of my confessions and it is. But somehow this feeling of freeness, lightness is so good that the result can wait… for later.

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