Sunday, February 15, 2009


It is not figurative if I might start with. I am not feeling well.. Head’s going nuts, fever feels jovial and pain is flowing instead of blood for a change.


When I woke up today I knew something was fishy (besides the smell of the paper mill). 12 hrs of straight sleep and yet I felt crap. No wait!! Lemme use another word for crap. umm… lousy would be a more appropriate word. So, I felt lousy and didn’t took lunch (breakfast was off the to-do list long before I woke up). And the situation worsen.



And now I am writing this irritated by each and everything and everyone. I am writing this with frustrated mind and killing/dying attitude. [;)] Can’t help dramatizing it. Why did it happen I thought over a long time? May be I had eaten something I shouldn’t have. Who knows? Who cares?


Hopefully I will be OK by next week. No hopes seem for this week unfortunately…

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