Sunday, February 1, 2009


You might be wondering what is KNUBDRASSNALV (nub-dras-nalv). Well, I do not know what it is because it actually should not mean anything. It is the birth-child of my ingenious and brilliant mind (Laughs). I have given it a meaning and a origin too. The meaning of this word… no, first let me tell you its origin.


It is Dwarvish. The language used by JRR Tolkien and Christopher Paolini in their respective books. Why Dwarvish? Because it feels so; my sixth sense or something I guess. It means a person with extensive knowledge of chemicals with huge molecules. Example can be like bark of tree is made of cellulose-a polymer.


How the word came into existence is that it has the initial alphabet of all our names i.e. the names of me and my 12 batch mates. In order  of the word-

K – Kunal(me)

N – Nihal

U – Umar

B – Brijesh

D – Dingse

R - Rajeev

A – Anuja

S – Sameer

S – Shilpi

N – Nakul

A – Apoorv

L – Lokesh

V – Vikas

So please if you see anyone studying polymer or a maestro in it call him Knubdrassnalv. Tell him its Dwarvish ;).

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Dhruv said...

My mind just got busted !

keep on kp !