Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fragment

I will tell you something-

You will always meet a girl who is bubbly, cheerful and happy. Believe it or not, there are a million girls who are smiling out there. And many are truly feeling the emotion that their face is exuding. There will be girls who are sad or angry with the whole world. Heck! Even I am angry with the whole world. The world is made of people who are vicious. I am not talking about the buffoons who make mistakes or the asses who are just plain stubborn about stupid laws. People who are pure evil and are hurting you for their fun.

And I am angry with them along with the girls who have been hurt and who have a sadness looming over them.

The worst feeling comes not in seeing wreckage, but seeing a beautiful palace turning into one. Going in everyday and looking at it as its windows get broken one by one. Every day, finding that a few bricks of a particular wall have fallen and have given way for a gaping hole of sorrow and fear. You keep looking at it, hoping that this will get over soon. Something, anything will happen to reverse the whole procedure before this building is considered in the category of being torn down.

Similarly, the worst feeling is seeing a girl- the cutest girl you have ever known, talking about past instead of the future, despair instead of hope and home instead of the world. A girl who had the whole world on her platter but was allowed to eat only the salad. It was a great salad mind you, but still, just a salad.

I was watching as she became silent and everything in her demeanor showed that she wished things were different. Every time I looked at her it was obvious that if only she could fly, she would cross the seas and the mountains and flee to see the whole world. If only! The truth is never romantic though.

That is the forte of dreams and lies. Truth is blunt and harsh and painful.

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