Saturday, January 25, 2014

The experience that lasts

It is an ironical statement to me. An experience that doesn’t end is not an experience but a state. On the other hand something that lasts will have a profound impact overshadowing everything that comes under it. Combine the two and what you have is a blank. It is similar to a few other statement that are heavy to hear but empty in themselves, meaningless if I may dare to say.

An example of such is- “An unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”

As a few might have seen on minutephysics, they are practically the same thing and would pass through each other. Science apart, it is like dividing 0 by 0. It has no solution. Its meaningless.

No experience should last. Because, by definition, an experience is a state of exhilaration that changes someone for good or for worse but the state itself passes and the person returns back to his original position, changed.

I have had so many life changing experiences in my life that I cannot count many incidents. Life has been exciting and while the boring life has its own merits, I prefer mine with excitements.

Let the life be full of many exciting experiences rather than one boring experience that lasts.

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