Friday, January 31, 2014


I am not prone to panic attacks. Whine attacks sure, but panic is not something that comes to me naturally. I have seen people panicking and I have rarely been in a situation where my mind would stop working. Not to say it has never happened but it is a rare phenomenon. Even rarer that I panic about something that is immaterial. A pure baseless panic attack if I may say so.

However, it happened. I was about to hit snooze around 4 am in the morning (yes I am crazy that way) when it struck me like a laughing hyena. Now, after nearly 3 hours, I finally calmed down. The only thing that happened was that I lost my sleep and ended up reading a lot. Yeah, I know not the way most panic attacks might work but there are three things that are a solution to my all problems like sadness, misery, panic etc.

1. Reading and Writing

2. Games

3. Driving


So, I read a lot and now I am writing. I played a few games as well but reading constituted for the most part. Lots and lots of reading and now I am ready to go to sleep.



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