Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exam finished.. Back to home.. Net was not working.. phew.. and MI just lost.. &@#!$#@!

These are the basic headlines since I last posted. I did not studied at all so exams went extra-ordinarily better than expected. And I do not care about the result so am home. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Not posted long as net was dead in the campus. Missed you my Uncharted Territories.. muaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... Actually have missed net a lot in exams. Did nothing but watched movies and f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

The ..phew.. is my tribute to foofa sir. :)

And yes, Mumbai Indians lost again. Some teams are good at winning, some at loosing. But this one team my friends is good at killing its fans by heart-attacks. Loosing by 2 meagre runs and that too a match they had won. :X


Sophie Broflovski said...

Hey Kunal :) Long time.
# Yes! I knew your net wasn't working.
# Exams went well? Naice.
# And you're at Home! Lucky bum. I still got 17 days to kill here in the Maddening desert.
# And as for MI.. Sad Man! I did watch the match last night :) One heck of a match that was. But I was backing RR up. So I pretty much liked the outcome. Anyway, Deccan Chargers are losing the same way. We're in the same boat now!

Rajeev said...

hehe....nw u understand what it was when hbk lost to taker at WM
It wasnt about winning or losing it was about something that I'd keep in heart forever