Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exams- Back with a vengeance.

They are back. This time fiercer, more violent and the toughest opponent I have ever faced. Why?

Because this time I am alone and unarmed. No Rajeev to guide me through the study (because he himself has not studied). I have not studied a single word so I am going to dogs anyway. Under this hugely depressing scenario I hear a voice inside me. Subtle yet bold. Influencing yet not oppressive. Caring and nurturing me this voice is of God telling me. “Psst.. Its Mumbai Indians vs Bangalore. Lets watch in the common room.”

And all the agony in me is drowned in the shouting of support for MI. They have made 149 and hopefully we will win.

Study has lost this battle against IPL and the exams are going to suffer. Hopefully my this worship will result in MI winning the IPL and Sachin holding the trophy.

Back to exams though, they are gonna stuff me like a duck and might even bake me like a turkey (now I am feeling hungry). But all I can see is the end of this tunnel and I see light. On 13th am going back home. Where I Rest In Peace. R.I.P.

Best of luck to all others for their exams.

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