Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Love’s Labor’s Lost

This is a play –comedy- by William Shakespeare. But whosoever has read this blog knows one thing about me. It is not about this play.

Have you ever fallen in love? Do you know what love is? Can love be lost?

These questions are in my mind right now. I do not know the answer to all but the first one is a yes. And third seems yes now. I was thinking over what life gives us and what we make of it. I was thinking how much we care about others and how our decisions are made of their feelings and decisions. Then I thought about LOVE some more.

 If you love someone like anything.

You are in love.

What is true love? Is loving someone even when the feeling is not reciprocated true love? So, anyone who moves on never loved, eh? And every widow that married again was what- a whore? (Sorry for my language.. It is seemingly getting from bad to worse. Time to go home and improve my vocabulary. )

Anyways as I was saying, every woman or man who married after a divorce or because the spouse ..uh left hasn’t loved.

It seems ninety-nine percent of people never fall in love at all. :)

Now let me see it through a different glass.

Maybe I am seeing it from a wrong perspective. True love necessary doesn’t mean you can’t marry someone else. But our society seems to be clinging to the fact that a Love where one of the two pines away for other is the best kind of love. Giving yourself pain for the sake of other is true love indeed. What greater sacrifice than yourself?

I do not believe that, obviously. I have always been an advocate of reciprocation. If the feeling is not reciprocated then it is wasting yourself on someone who doesn’t worth you. Being with someone who doesn’t worth you is well lets just say bad. (I am really having a bad vocabulary day).

Do I know love? No, I don’t. I have felt it but anyone who tries to describe it in words is wasting his or her time like millions before them and billions after them. And to try to explain it with adamancy that this and only this is true love is even more idiocy. Its like saying that my religion is the best religion in the world. Or my toffee is the sweetest in the world. All are nothing but false claims and every one of the person saying is just an adamant child. Love and God are too huge things to sum up in two lines or three religions. The child with the toffee on the other hand might actually win his claim.

This is what I thought about love. It is how you feel for a person. It is not what your action is that defines LOVE. It is how you feel. The action taken by us are manifestation of our sick and crooked mind. It might be what Devdas did, or what Prithviraj Chavhan did or what you or me do.

This is what I thought about love, basically.

Now about the first question and third question. First I have already said yes and meaning I have felt love. Obviously, my poems show this a bit; after all they are my reflection.

The third question is a bit complicated you know. I always had the feeling that love once created always live in the heart.The feelings you had for someone are always different from what you do about those feelings. But the feeling is there.

In essence I thought that Love can never be lost but this feeling is slowly changing. I was talking to my friend and as my friend tried to convince me that love once is love forever and I had had my chance, I began to realize something else. Life is dynamic. It is we who cling to memories and forget to live. OK, the exact thing I was thinking was that “I am hungry” and “How do I make my friend understand?”. Then I realized that it is me who has to understand the difference between love and action. As I said earlier, our mind changes the interpretation of the same feeling of love. And as I am understanding it more, the craving is getting sub-due.

What I was thinking was whether it is the feeling of love that is dying or just the craving? I can’t seem to find the difference.

I would like to end this with a poem of Kaifi Azmi-

Talatum, Valvale, Haijan, Armaan     

Sab uske saath rukhsat ho chuke the.

Yakeen tha, ab na hasna hai na rona.

Kuchh itna hans chuke the ro chuke the.

Kisi ne aaj ek angrai lekar.

Nazar mein reshmi girehein laga din.

Talatum, Valvale, Haijan, Armaan

Vahi chingariyan phir muskura din. 


Talatum- Tsunami

Valvale- Earthquake

Haijan- Excitement


Anonymous said...

hello kunal prakash,

As you talked about love, the feeling, the craving and all the other stuff, I can see that you are trying to device a technical approach to understand love.

If you intend to understand better, do some research on the exact electro-chemical reactions and hormonal activities of our brain that makes us feel so called 'love'

KP said...

@ Anonymous
First of all thanks for being anonymous.
Second am not trying to understand love but the way we react to love. Now that is possible I believe.

And biology ka hota to zaroor dimaag ko khol ke dekhta.. ;) though thanks for your suggestion.. :D