Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Learning 'bout ads

Well, you might have noticed the new additions. I have placed ads on my blog. So the obvious question is WHY?? The answer is simple, to earn money. I know its too lame..

My blog is not resource oriented. It will not extract any revenue, I know all that stuff. Actually, it is because of my lust towards learning new things. I wanted to know how actually adsense works and only way to learn it is to do it.

So I decided to play with them for a while. So anyone who is disgusted by those petty ads, I am sorry. I hope that no one will come out and actually beat me.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Lone Rider..

Walking away towards solitude

Far, far away it is now.

Even now though vibes I feel

Deep, deep in myself

This journey is taking me.

Where am I now?

Where I was before?

How does it matter though?

Loneliness, darkness and mystery;

Beautiful and humbling is this journey.

It is changing me 'tis true

In ways I never knew.

People see light at the end of the tunnel.

Life is beautiful when the road ends.

One journey is they say most important.

To death it leads; to new life some say.

That journey is a long one I know.

If comparison becomes a neccesity.

A trip is what am doing

In front of the colossus destination

Death whom we all name.

But still I feel

This journey is more significant.

In me I see

What even a God's vision might lack.

Love-Hatred, Truth-n-Lies

Shadows and light so bright.

But what sobers me the most

I feel and know first time in life

The true meaning of being alive.

This trip to myself 

Enlightens me the most.

Journey to death can wait a while.

Let me have a partner besides.

To me is where I belong first.

A journey to me is where 

This lone rider must go first.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Nothing to write

These are one of the usual days when I have nothing to write or rather blabber about. Saw a movie with friends- The Transporter 3. No one enjoyed it much but at least it was good time pass. It reminded everyone of hindi movies and no one was happy about it in particular. Logics were left conveniently by the makers and ...

But I am not writing a movie review here. Go and watch the movie or listen to the more experts around. I do not have anything to write but let me update the blog about my this dismal situation and how it arose.

What happens is that if I am not busy then I get bored. Busy means doing something very exhaustive. Alas! many times comes a situation when we are not killing ourselves. It is these situations when my body and mind take a break and go on a paid leave. I can not even think properly let alone write anything.

God's cruelest game with me (if God exist) is I can not even enjoy life if I am not working. Holidays become punishment instead of boon. He laughs sitting up there (tired of plotting against me, I guess) while I flip between toiling and getting bored. Right now I  am getting bored and thus my writing skills are suffering. Wish I had something to do..

P.S.- Anyone getting any slightest hint that I am a hard working guy be cautioned. I am one of the laziest people you will ever come across. Its just that if laziness becomes my condition then I can not unlazy myself.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I love to wish. And I am not joking about it. This post is what my heart says and if anyone ever feels that he or she may want to make fun of it, then please do. I don't mind when people make fun of my feelings. OK! I mind but I understand them, because I do the same.

I just saw the movie- 'Sorry Bhai' and it made me think. Actually I think it is the combo of 'Dasvidaniya' and 'Sorry Bhai' that has got my wheels running. First 'Sorry Bhai'- I really liked the climax of the movie and the ending too. It was correct of Sanjay Suri to leave Chitragandha for Sharman. Love might not be the strongest force in the world( read God) but it is pretty powerful and in absence of it, or rather it being present in his brother and fiance, it was the best choice. But it is not this thing that got me think. I was wondering about the decision of our hero & heroine. They decided to give this feeling or whatever was brewing a try instead of acting on what world thinks. I believe that marriages are made in heaven or as I am agnostic I shoud say-" I believe that almost all people together deserve each other". I do not believe that there is something like a mismatch. Yes, people might end up in wrong relationships but if they think they deserve better and are still together then they don't. And whatever the world might think if a couple is together happy, they deserved each other and the happiness even if there is a huge age difference or religion/caste barrier or anything like in 'Sorry bhai'.

There's was a good decision( read risk) to NOT sacrifice their love and atleast tell the truth. It destroyed a couple of relationships I agree but it was better this way else it would have been just three wasted lives.I always value honesty above everything. I have decided that I will take risks in my life from now on. I have always been a safe player. I do not take much risks in my life but I guess it is time to give it a shot. Also at 20 I can afford to take a few risks. And these risks will be honest and true attempts not fake tries.

Second thing which I thought was after watching 'Dasvidaniya'. Life truly is short. I mean I look back in life of 20 short years and realize that they went very fast. Really-really fast. In fact I have spent one and a half year in IIT now and it was just a while ago that I gave JEE. So, instead of doing things which mean nothing to me I should do things that make me happy and give my life a meaning I and not the world understand.

Combining the two actually gave my life a new meaning. I have a lot of dreams but I do not execute many of them. I have been waiting for a perfect timing; some sort of enlightenment I guess. 'Dasvidaniya' made me realize that waiting can be dangerous as I might end up doing only that. 'Sorry Bhai' made me realize that I should not be afraid to fulfill my wishes or at least give an honest attempt to them.

I have many wishes. It is time to execute upon them without fear, with honesty before it is too late.