Thursday, June 4, 2015

Description of a simple object - 1

It is not often that you shift your direction of writing in a fashion to improve it rather than express. But sometimes, it is important to write to improve enough to become good at articulating one self. Hence, I will try to work on this for a few times.

It is mobile phone and it is black. The edges are round and while the back side is glass with a beautiful pattern that shines in light, the rim is made of some kind of plastic that improves the grip. The length and breadth of the phone is just right to keep it in the pocket and it is a very thin phone to hold in hand. The cover increases thickness but it is worth the protection the cover offers. The front screen is a glossy 4.7” high resolution marvel and while it is old in the current world, it has aged beautifully. When the screen is off, the whole front takes on a deep black color and it is indistinguishable as to from where the screen start and where it ends. Of course, earpiece helps find the spot on top where it has definitely ended. There are two cameras that help me capture the moments of my life and although I am not an avid photographer, I am glad that the rear one has a flash as well. The front camera sits on the top-right corner and is nothing more than a small circle. The rear camera has more going for it with a flash to accompany it. There is also a screen guard on the screen to protect it from daily scratches. All in all, for a three year old model and around 2 years in my hand, it is a good phone to own.