Thursday, May 14, 2015

Taking time

It was, I think, Warren Buffet who said: 'Somethings just take time.'

He was not wrong. In fact, sometimes, somethings are better off with taking more time. As much as I want to say that it doesn’t matter, sometimes a few extra minutes is all that takes for life to go from almost raw to freshly cooked.

Another example would be a bath. Normally, a 5 minutes activity, it is done to clean the body. However, add extra 10 minutes (I know, 15 minutes is too much for a guy!) and you come out with a clean soul. The burden of life has been swept off from the body and the pains of the past are all drowning with sweat and dirt. I know this because I am experiencing this at the present moment. I am enjoying this bliss right now while writing these words and in all probability, these words are an outcome of this freshness of mind and body that I am feeling at 7 PM in the evening.

In our attempts to save those extra minutes of our lives, I suppose we have forgotten the charms of giving those extra minutes to ourselves. I don’t think such baths are in my future any time soon. However, I will remember to cherish them whenever the opportunity arises.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Curiosity leads to buying wrong stuff!

I have been buying a lot of stuff lately. However, nothing beats the recent blogging app that I bought. The reason I bought it is stupid but even more stupid is how I felt after buying it.

It is not a bad app mind you. It is just a poor soul who started off a wrong foot with me and if it had a trial version, I would not have bought it for sure. In the end, I had to buy another blogging software. The irony is that I loved the trial version of this software and had no qualms about using it. The only problem was my curiousity and reviews of the other app.

Everyone said that it was slightly better than this one but I shouldn’t have listened to reviews but my own experience.

The two apps here are - and Blogo. Desk is a good app but not what I needed. On the other hand, Blogo was working perfectly for me. Both had the same price and my curiosity ensured I end up paying for both of them.

Earlier, I had spent even more money of video games!

I have decided to not buy anything like this for the rest of the month. This is going to be my penance.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Good Coffee and Bad Coffee

If you ask any coffee enthusiast, that person will tell you that there are several types of coffees and their taste will depend on various factors like the type of land where the plant was growing or the type of care it receives or the temperature it is generally growing in and so on and so forth.

I am a coffee nonthusiast. I drank my second cup of coffee in the past 30 days today and these two cups are my total quota of coffee I drank this year. So, yes, a typical coffee nonthusiast.

In my vast experience, I have realised that there are actually two kinds of coffee - *spoiler alert* -

Good Coffee and Bad Coffee

My first coffee of this year was in Starbucks and I chose the simplest milk coffee present. Nothing humungous considering my extreme nonthusiasm. It was good and with every sip, my mind said, ‘I can drink this more than once a year.’ Of course, after that I went awake for two days and thus realised the impact a cup of coffee can have on a noob.

This brings me to my second cup that I just sipped halfway through (after putting in 4 extra packs of sugar in it!) and then threw away. This was gifted to me by McDonald’s. Now, I am not bad mouthing McD here. In fact, I love the fries and the wraps they make and Mcswirl is really something. In fact, I might be their silver or gold star customer by now.

However, that coffee was brewed in the pits of Tartarus. I am awake so yes, the impact is similar but I am not drinking this thing to stay awake unless its a matter of life and death.

And for the people who might say that I might have accidentally drank cappuccino, you might be right. But that doesn’t make it a good coffee. My tongue won’t differentiate the coffees based on names now, will it.

So, from a coffee noob to other noobs out there, if you want to give coffee a shot, go to a place that has at least 10 varieties. It will be easier to find that good coffee than trying that cheap joint with one flavor. You might have to kiss a few frogs before finding the prince/princess/coffee but as I said - There are only two types - Good Coffee and Bad Coffee and you have to find the good coffee only once.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A classic sentence!

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”
- William Congreve

There is a reason why some words stand the test of time. It is not because they are true or because they were kept noted in a waterproof diary. It is because they feel true and were told and retold till they became gospel.

Every man has at least once felt these words and let me tell you, even if they have not quoted the author, they have paraphrased this sentence many times. This sentence holds that amount of power.

I leave you with just one more sentence that hopefully captures the essence of this timeless line-

“She’s upset, you’re screwed."

Monday, May 4, 2015

Finally the Mac

I have rarely gotten anything easily. I crossed JEE in two attempts, got into MBA a year later than I planned and my first stint at college was not good for my grades so going to give it a second try. Even in mathematics, it took me two boards to get a perfect score. My parents have ensured that the same goes for things too.

I got my videogame long after I wished for it. By the time I got the video game, I had already cried for it in public places often and had already spent more money than its actual cost in pay for play parlours.

My PS3 took years to come and so did the first LCD tv. Both got to me together. And of course, the mac. I wanted my first computer to be a Mac. It was not to be of course. At that time, the financial condition was not good enough to buy a Mac and I was in too much hurry to wait for a couple of years to save that kind of money. Instead I went for an HP. I do not think it was a bad choice. However, it was not a good one either. I have learnt the art of patience the hard way but I have indeed learnt it.

In fact, the Mac that I have has come after 3 years of longing but not buying. I could have bought it when I got the job but I decided to wait until I absolutely needed it. My company helped in the wait by giving me a laptop for work. It was a Lenovo T series and good laptops come out of lenovo’s stable.

However, finally, the wait got over. The wait paid off in a laptop that is the latest model, will work for the years to come and gives me time to fall in love with it all over again. I always knew I would buy a Macbook Pro. Initially, I was going to buy a 17” (years ago), then I thought of buying a 15” but finally, by the time I actually bought it, 13” rule the world.

Thus, I have the latest Macbook Pro 13” that I am writing this article on.

I am loving the smoothness and although I do miss a few things here or there of windows, I doubt I will ever miss those things enough to go back to Windows without absolute necessity.

My next laptop will be a Macbook Pro 13” 2018 Model. Just a guess.. ;)