Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Date

It was one thing to fall for someone.
To see someone fall.
The girl likes me, why so much?

Then there is that voice,
The voice in my heart that tears.
Like a paper cut it bleeds my heart.
This trickle of blood,
Writes on my skin.

'She will be mine.
I will hurt her.
She will laugh,
She will so much cry.'

Like a tattoo that I can't remove.
Like an ache no one can see.
It lingers in my body,
It crawls in my veins.

What I feel matters little.
Emotions I have,
But do they really amount to

My mind, should I listen to it.
My heart, it wants something else.
Between the two,
Therein lies the truth.

The truth that I hide from myself too.
The truth that heart and mind,
Fail to understand.
Or maybe fail to meet.

The two go so resolute.
The truth escapes their route.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

It’s important.. right.. right.. right..

How many times it has happened that you suddenly feel that nothing is important. One of those, divine moments as they are called when you realise that nothing in life is worth anything because life itself has no worth.

It will simply end, anyways.

However, the moment passes and then you are clear headed again and realise that there is so much work to do. There are so many things that are vital for you, things you care about, things you have emotions for, people you love, people who love you, the list goes endless. All these things are important and you convince yourself that life has a far more important meaning that you have been giving it credit for.

Then, one fine day, the circle completes, and you are back to Nirvana. The cycle continues and so many things are so important and then less important and then back to being important.. right.. right.. right..

Please be convinced, I say to myself.

Please be convinced, You say to you.

It’s so important because, its the only thing that exists.

Friday, May 9, 2014

My God

The God I want to seek will be more generous and will be more kind.
The God I seek will be more aligned.
It is my wish but nothing more.
The God I seek will be better than every thought of mine.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

When the night was not enough

It was one of those nights that fell short.

While I was all awake,

Work undone, words unsaid.

Bitter taste in mouth left.

Better might have been sleep.


It was not a successful night in that too.

It was a night that fell short.

It was a night that left me.