Tuesday, June 15, 2010


There always is a time when I hate the moment that I am living. And suddenly it becomes a moment that comes repeatedly in my life and every time it comes it becomes less hated until it is actually liked. I remember many such moments.

For instance, when I started jogging I hated it at first. And the moment when I was completely exhausted my body hated me and I agreed with my body. But now, the moment is quite acceptable. It is not yet loved though.

I also remember the first time I smoked, I coughed and hated it. Then the moment became acceptable and at one point of time I actually liked that moment. Thankfully the phase passed and now I don’t like it anymore. Same goes with alcohol.

These moments in themselves do not change as you might have noticed. All of these moments are exactly the same at all points in time. What changes is the moment that precedes them. As my health improved I started liking that and my likeness to moment increased with it. Same goes with the other two things.

What I conclude is that because sometimes we do not know the future the present moment that we live seems the worse we can have in life but looking back it was an awesome moment in all.

So, why so much philosophy?

Because one such moment recently came into my life. Me, along with Aamir and Vince went in to explore the campus- hiking if you may say. We saw the uphill and went for it. I did not like it one bit. I retorted a bit but in vain. Then we saw some stairs that were going up and I felt exhausted. Still, we were going up. Then, more uphill and more stairs till we reached a building on top of the hill. Climbing that building I found bliss (which as you will find soon was replaced with another happier feeling).

We could almost see the whole neighbourhood. Mountains showing their magnificence and trees riding them like riders their steeds. Greenery all around exhibiting a natural beauty so glorious that it seemed other worldly. I come from an industrial city and to me this is a holiday despite work. After absorbing as much we could from those moments we trod downhill.

First we tried the walking and it pained our feet. Then we left our hesitance behind and started to run like the stallions. As the gravity supported our cause it became a moment thrilling beyond imagination. Wind flowing, we ran the whole distance in a few minutes. And all the while doing so we were laughing like hell. The thing was so funny that we could not control our laughter.

We did the same thing the next day and this time the moment of going up did not seem so hard. In fact the feeling of coming down gave our feet a little bounce every time they pushed the ground to go upward.