Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vo lamha

Ek chaand to khuda ne mujhe de diya

Ab aage aur main kya maangu

Phir bhi dua hai ki vo ek lamha

Jis lamhe mein,

Vo kajrari nigahein meri aankhon se takrayi

Kabhi yaad se mit na paaye

Agar ho kabhi yun bhi

Hum alag-alag ho jaayein

Humrahi jo bane the us safar mein

Vo pal, har pal tumhe sataye

Kabhi khushi to kabhi aansu ban ke jee jaaye

Jab bhi baitho kisi ke paas tum

Yaad tumhe vo safar aaye

Aur tanha jo reh jao kabhi,

Vo lamha, tumhara saathi ban jaaye..

Thursday, December 24, 2009


Take a deep breath

Close your eyes

What do you see?

No sweetheart,

Besides me, what do you see?

Yeah, I know

It was filmy, it still is.

I ain’t gonna change it too

Celluloid is perfect.

Why you ask?

Silly girl,

Because you are perfect.

For once I am saying this

For once you can hear.

I long for you,

When you are not near.

Enough emotions have already spilled I daresay

So, honey

Open your eyes

And wipe out that tiny year.

Love is risky, love is blind.

Infact, it is of Chinese bind.

No guarantee it has but trust

Nothing gives more happiness than love. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gulzar Saab..

Dabi dabi saanson mein suna tha maine

Bole bina mera naam aaya.

Palkein jhuki aurr uthne lagi to

Haule se uska salaam aaya..


Wizard. There is no other word for him.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The train poems-III

After the last poem, Mohit had the enlightenment of remembrance of a poem about a guy who is desperate for sex but the poem does not uses the words and all. The feeling should come out but not the translation. Some thing like that. So, this poem I wrote after this.


Alright, Its fine

Things happen that can’t be changed

Don’t look back, its no use

Ya, I know, I know you are right


No buts can bring the moment back

No ifs can change the future anymore

You have experienced it all

Now, let it go.

Who are you to tell me that!

How can you say that?

Every breath, every goose bump

Every drop of sweat

How can I forget this?

Why will I not want it back?

Time will come, I assure you

Just have patience

No, not this tile

I have waited much

I have waited long

Listened to my brain

I have had enough

I want the moments back

I want the impulse back.

The train poems-II

This is the second part of the story. So, where were we? Ah! I remember now. Sneha was appalled by the poem and asked me to write something umm.. sweet. About nature and all. Here goes nothing.

Looking at the sun once again

From the lovely oaks

Feeling the sense of warmth

The peace of my mind

Like melted wax and honey

Mixing and covering me

Saving me from the darkness

Saving me from the world

Rays giving me hope,

Hope unbounded.

I can do anything I want

A bee buzzes this in my head

Smile flickers on my lips

Mixed with contentment on face

The God is filling my heart with joy

Through that shiny, twinkly and little

Ray of light.

The train poems-I

These poems were written in a train while going to Delhi. Every poem was written with a strange background. This is the first one. It was the one that came from the heart. And it made Sneha (a junior of mine) to freak out. For some reason she always freak out in my presence, dunno why!! Funny. Anyways, this is the poem.

Looking behind once more

For those soulful eyes

Looking again, searching

For piece of my heart

You have had the liberty

The right to take a decision

I have been at the mercy

Of your heartless discretion


Times do change, tides move

Emotions of mine have drained

I want my heart back

I want tears in those eyes

A monster you have created

This monster will strike back

You can hide, you can run

In fact,

You should hide, you should run

This shall show my potent

My hatred it will exhibit

My craziness it shall testify

Save yourself from the demon

The demon you bred.