Thursday, November 26, 2009


What I am writing today might not make any sense to anyone. Heck! It’s not making any sense to me also. But I have to write it because writing is my way of letting things get out of my system. Speech is my way of getting the poison brewing in me to others. :)

It is but, written for one person. Ironically though, I do not know whether that person reads my blog or not. Also, whether it will be understandable even after reading or not to that person as well. In fact it might be better if it is incomprehensible. Who knows!! Sometimes it is better to put some questions out in the cosmic universe and not expect the answers. Yeah, that is what I am doing. Writing crap that I do not expect anyone will understand and then hoping that it shall still be understood. That too, by not all but one person. The beauty is that there are so many people that might mistake that it is this person or that person. (I have had an interesting life, met a lot of people who have had various weird impacts on my life). So, God knows who will understand what!

I am a great debater you know. I became so good by arguing continuously with myself. When arguing with myself I sometimes win and sometimes loose. Let us name the two me as K1 an K2. So, it is almost an even battle most of the time. Every time a topic hits my mind K1 and K2 start arguing. Finally, when the result is reached I am content and satisfied.

Now, the problem.
A particular debate is going on between K1 and K2 and it is not getting resolved. I mean it is like K1 wins every time and then K2 bullies K1 to do its bidding. Then K1 gets strong again and the argument start. This has happened twice before and is now happening again. This third time though I want a result. I want some answer. That is why I am writing this. May be by looking at it from outside I will be able to see something that has been missing.

Has it ever happened to you guys. I know it is a bit vague and weird but the feeling is quite plain I must say.

As for the answer, If I do not get any answer I will do what ma said to me to do. It seems a bit painful but as it is said- “Mama knows best.”

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cato the Elder

After I'm dead I'd rather have people ask why I have no monument than why I have one.


Isn’t it an impressive quote? But in today’s world how many of us actually believe in this?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Rahat ki saans lete rahe

            Chand aakhri saanse jo hain.

Ab ye jism bhi thak raha hai.

Dhadakte-dhadakte dil bhi ab ruk raha hai.

Aadat si ho gayi hai jeene ki

Ab chhodi bhi nahi jaati

Reh gayi hain jo chand saanse

Ab mujhse li bhi nahi jaati.

Aankein bhi band, khwab hi dekhti hain

Khulte hi saamne,

Mare chehron ki baadh nazar aati hai

Sunayi deti nahi ab,

              Masjid ki azaan.

Mandir ki ghantiyan,

              Na koi ummeed ki aawaz.

Chakhne ko milti hain ab

Kadvi davaiyan.

Reh gayi hain ab bas,

Yaadon ki angraiyan.

Jaane ka waqt aa gaya hai

Par rokte hain chaahne waale.

Unhe bhi shayad

Meri aadat si pad gayi hai.

Aadat hi hogi..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yours forever,

There are love-letters, there are hate-letters. Then there are rejection letters and breakup letters. One can accept another person’s love via a letter too. Letters- lovely little chumps. Of course I am including here both snail-mail and email. I see no difference other than the speed.

What do you write in a letter at the bottom? “Yours forever” if you are in deep love, I guess. “Miss you”, if you are missing or the ultimate one “Love you”. :)

Now, the question is “How much do you mean them?” I had seen people who write this crap and do not mean such things. But the mirror got crashed somehow so I don’t see nowadays. ^_^
On a serious note, why do people write this when they don’t mean this. Why do they lie through their teeth so blatantly and bluntly?

Is it because they really mean it?

I don’t think so. I mean who can be so foolish in this world to think that a relationship can last a year, let alone a forever. Can you imagine a guy writing “yours forever” while thinking- “Damn, I am going to make it last.” Yeah, sounds foolish to me too. Surely no guy in his right mind will think that he can make it last. C’mon dude, the girl needs a break too. For how long will she handle you? Just look at yourself and you will get the answer. So, lets throw the real, emotional guy out of the window.

The second option is general courtesy. But sure you don’t need that with the one you love, do you? Maybe courtesy is something that we all need at some point of time with even those who are closest to us. But then it goes against everything based on truth as it is a lie, like all general courtesy.

The third is that the guy is a jerk really and is lying. Period. No arguments here frankly.

Whatever be the reason the truth is that in any case the “yours forever” is such an obsolete term that it should not be used at any cost. There is no forever, ever. It is our misunderstanding this one simple fact that forces us to make this grave mistake of using “yours forever” so easily..