Monday, September 16, 2013

22 degree Celsius

This is the order of the seasons in my area-

Summers-> Rain-> Winters-> Good weather-> Summers.

I love summers and I loath Rain. There is no particular reason for this. The precise reason for this is that in summers I do not have to wear layers of clothes and my favorite fruit (watermelon) can be enjoyed in full glory.

I hate rain because it has the potential to ruin my electronic gadgets. So, it is possible that if everything I own becomes water proof, my dislike might reduce but that will happen when it will happen.

Now, this post is in September which is after rainy season of July and August. This effectively means that the temperature should be slowly falling down and weather should approach winters. No Sir! But the memo did not reach the weather gods and the temperature is still maintaining to level-sweat. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not upset that winters are (not) coming. My gripe is that why was the rain there if winters are just getting postponed.

My AC is still running on 22 degree celsius. And if for some reason it is switched off then I will start feeling the heat that is prevailing outside.

And mind you- Watermelon season is gone! Now I have to face the heat of the sun without cherishing the sweet nectar that oozes out of a bright red half cut plump piece of heaven.

Bottomline- Dearest God, please restore the balance and bring the tasty fruit back to me.