Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another nightout.. Another dawn..

It has started feeling that the exams times have reached the shores of my minds psyche again. For one, the light of the area went. This is the first sign that exams are approaching- something like the first gray strand. IIT really wants its students to study all year long maybe. Another reason obviously is the fact that I am no longer remotely interested in studying, a feeling that reverses itself just after the exams. :)

Talking with friends till long nights is another tell-tell sign. But most importantly, I want to write again. My wheels of my mind have started churning again and hopefully some butter will come out this time.

Reading, I have always maintained is the best form of educating oneself. It is the most precious way as it is gives the most bang for buck. Real life beats books I agree but only if you have the guts to learn from your experiences. Believe me, few have those guts.

It is after a long time that I woke through the night till breakfast. 4 or 5 is alright, it is after all not the same. But now, seeing the sun rising I am enchanted by it. As I am being bathed with yellow tinge giving me the look of a jaundiced patient (mind you, I haven't slept as well) I feel a new vigor. I sense of life flowing through my veins.

I do not know whether it is the novel that I read, the night out or the glowing morning. Maybe it is the sombre music playing or maybe the movie I saw yesterday. Whatever it is, whatever is feeding this, It is AWESOME!!

I feel ALIVE!!