Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Please come back..

Sometimes you hate everything about someone. It is during these times that even the smallest of there faults look bigger than an elephant's dump. Similar to the fact when you like someone then you are blind to their every bit of possible dumps. Of course you may acknowledge them but like a baby's shit. Small price against the mighty cuteness of the baby.

It is such a common phenomenon that whenever a person avoids you, you can automatically assume that it is because of the above mentioned reason. No harm in it. But..
There is one more phenomenon, rare but still prevalent. It is when you hate yourself. You can run away from people you hate but how can you run away from yourself. Because there is no way (known way) to this author he only found one. Run away from people who know as that person. This way you would not have to take the torture of being with yourself at least other people. Rest of the time you can while away reading novel or watching movies. Fiction is always a good option when you want to run from yourself. It is depressing I know but that is what being depressed means. Sometimes you don't need a heart-break or money problems to be depressed. Sometimes you can just hate yourself for the smallest of the things. Like the dinosaur dump (or was it elephant's.. ;-) )

I have left a few people behind in my journey to hate myself. The journey was exciting and left me quite tired actually. Hating yourself is quite a full-time job I must say.
But now I wish I had not left those people behind. At least one of them. I wish they would come back. Let's see if the wishes are strong enough for Laws of Attraction to work. :D

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hunt for the perfect blog client

Once upon a time I was an avid blogger. Then came a drought. Now I am back to my old writing days..

The only problem is- I shifted from Windows to Linux. And do I miss live writer or what. Now I am on a hunt for the perfect desktop replacement for THE live writer.

Have tested two till now. Actually three but one is not even starting. Now I know why it had a 1-star rating in software center. ;)

KDE one was awesome till it started screwing with me. And now it won't even connect with the blog.

Drivel was another one that almost succeeded. The only problem- somehow it doesn't know the function of 'enter'. Or at least it can not explain it to blogger. All my articles look like what only a few should look like- garbage.

Blogtk never took off and now I am using Blog Entry Poster for this post. Let's hope this is the end of my search.


Unknown, Unfathomable, Uncharted, Un--

It is a great pleasure to become adept at something. It is even a greater pleasure to be a master. And the greatest pleasure of them all is to finally pass on that knowledge. To see someone going through the same phase of learning curve as you have passed.

The last thing is perhaps the greatest joy but like everything pure it is also bland. This is another one of my beliefs. All things pure are bland as well. Be it water, love, hatred et al. Thus we see people getting bored after they have reached the pinnacle. Only a challenge of the same or perhaps higher magnitude can give them us the same excitement. Like drugs every subsequent times the dosage needed is to be pumped up. It can be a lot, it can be minute but it has to be higher than last time. Even an equal dosage gives us satisfaction at best. Contentment is mostly unachievable not because it is tough to acquire but too easy to aspire. To the extent that it is not deemed profitable to have a satisfaction filled environment.

Competition and advertising are two tools that destroy contentment. We always aspire the new. And yet... We are scared by it. To the extent that there is a theory that the existing technology should not be too different than the current technology else the consumers reject it just because it is radically new. We want new but we are scared by too new. I was reading an article where they mentioned an experiment where they beautified a girl's photo by bringing the sharper features of her to the more average of humankind. People found it more beautiful. If the experiment is true than it is one of the most conclusive proofs that we are scared of abnormalities. I know it is too well known fact for me to find proofs for it. Most people will agree with it anyway. What I am amazed about is the wish to have something new and the cowardice to actually have it.  

"There are several good protections against temptations, but the surest is cowardice." Mark Twain

I know I am leaving the post quite hanging but the mind went blank. So, I'll end this post with one word. This word is the key to these uncharted territories. It is the wardrobe to Narnia. The rabbit to Wonderland.


The only question is- "Will you follow through your yes? Will you see how deep the rabbit hole goes?"

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kaash.. koi bahana hota.

Jis tarah mil jaate hain tumhe satane ke sau bahane.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi jeene ka koi bahana hota..

Jis tarah tum sapne bunti ho is jahan ke us falak ke.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi sone ka koi bahana hota..

Jis tarah tum bhool gayi mujhe ek unchhuye khayal sa.
Kaash yun hi mere paas bhi bhoolne ka koi bahana hota..