Monday, April 29, 2013

Why is there so much expectation!

Expectations are the worst! If someone expects something from you and bugs you then it creates friction between you and them. As they meet you all they can talk about is- “Did you do what I expected of you?” And boy that is a turn-off.

Then there is the round about kick in the ass when you start expecting something from some one. It is very difficult to realise at that time that they are feeling the same thing you feel when someone expect something.

And when you do realise it, you also get the feeling the people whose expectations you crushed must have felt.

Of course, I am completely discounting the random expectations of random people that we might be blowing away all the time. Right now, I am feeling every bit of each of these feelings and there is only one thought that comes to my mind- “Why is there so much expectation in the world?”