Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Move on!!

  I was just thinking what exactly does this term means. Does this means that you now do not care for the other person. Or it means that you care for the person as much as you did before the fateful relationship. But it is not possible to go back exactly in that time frame as there is no certain boundary that a person jumps. This is like the colours of the rainbow. One starts where the other ends without a break, without any distinction.

  Or does this has something to do with how you see that person. I mean if earlier you thought about love, sex etc. now you think about friendship and that stuff. But isn’t this something like not thinking about the white elephant. What came to your mind? I know, the white elephant.. Also, how do you forget a girl’s body once you have seen it. I am sure you can avoid it while she is away from your sight. But, in front of her, how do you see her and not remember those nights spent with each other. I know I do not have experience in this department but hey! Einstein was just a clerk.

  Just now a song came to my mind. Heard it in ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and ‘Casablanca’.  ‘A kiss is still a kiss, A sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental thing…’ The point is how do you forget about these things? How do you not remember these things while around that someone ex-special?

  And if you don’t then what is the meaning of moving on? Of course I am here assuming that you are still affected by these feelings or rather bubbles of memory. I think this is a safe assumption considering that if you can masturbate thinking about false things real things ought to affect you. Coming back to the point what then is the meaning of moving on?

  Is it that you endure these feelings and hide them inside a masquerade? Is it that you change your feelings toward the other person to some other almost as powerful feeling as Love or lust (what ever you wanna say; also crush)? Like hate.. May be that is why most relationships end so badly. You can either love or hate a person; no other choice. As loving would torment, people choose hate.

  Either be the case you are not moving on. The dent in your life, the dent in your heart stays; forever or until you get used to it like the marks on your body. But this is not being happy, is it? I am highly confused about this topic. How come moving on can be painful? This is what everyone tells everyone when someone breaks up.

  I have started believing that everything that happens in life is an experience. Nothing is good or bad, and even if it is, we’ll have to deal with it. One man’s food is another man’s poison. Instead of trying to find food, whenever I find poison I just change myself to another man for whom its food. Its not easy, its not right. I am not a stable man right now, trying to find myself. But this is more fulfilling to me than searching for food, searching for happiness. It does not always work right but whenever it does I am better than other people who could not do so. Trying to find all the happiness inside me that is what I’m doing right now..   

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Life's fun if you see it upside down..

Well, what can I say. I am just a regular jerk crapping and scrapping (read orkut) away my life like everyone else. I have had a very umm.. I would not say a boring life, rather usual life. The usual stuff that happens to everybody else. That is why I want to see it from a different point of view. Others can help me but they become judgemental. (Its easy you see, they are already mental. All they have to do is judge you. Half of there job was already finished.)

That is why I am myself trying to find my life up side down. The boredom hopefully decreases and life becomes different than others. In other words less boring and more fun..

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

For Gaza

Wounds were when washed

Brought nothing but fresh blood

Medicines and pastes were used

But none would stop this flood


Time’s up, my instinct said

But my job is left undone

Though more are there around

Who will finish what I have done


Tears fought through my eyes

Trickling one after the other

Washing away my eye sight

Fading away my dear brother


Sounds of thunder came out loud

A house near me just died

Air-crafts then I heard above

Killer birds, every where they flied


An emotion rose in me

I cannot loose, I cannot die

Everyone here counts on me

This moment I cannot cry


Blood be gone. life through

Death itself I will dare

My corpse shall stand and fight

For my people, I love and care

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Request.

A moment is what I need

For my millions dreams, I see.

Wishes, hopes, tears and joy.

But Alas!

Amidst all the commotion,

All the kill, hate and blabber.

What I do? What I do?

Have to run away,

Fly off far away.

God, where are you?

I want my moment.


A moment is what I need

For my millions dreams, I see.