Saturday, June 13, 2009


You all must have noticed that I have not updated this blog for quite sometime. The lag between two posts is also increasing considerably. To be honest I am not writing anything. My mind is silent for some time and is giving me nothing to propagate further.

Hence, I have decided to stop updating this blog with trivials and instead I am leaving this blog unattended for about 10 days or so. Hopefully, my zeal for writing will come back in this time and a few new ideas may come (or maybe I’ll learn a few tricks from other blogs. [;)] ).

So, till then..



Friday, June 12, 2009


This is my hundredth post. :)

Honestly, when I started this blog I never thought that I will reach till here. I have a tendency to start a thing and then just fail to complete it. And though I am confessing this in writing don’t even dare to say this to my face. :|

I was pleased to see my 100th on board and hopefully this shall continue. I started off pretty slowly and at that pace would have never reached fifty this year but slowly the blogging speed increased and now I write almost 3-4 in a week. Once the speed even reached to two posts a day.

These random musings of mine are so very precious to me that the thought of them lost seem very ill to me. And I hope this will never happen to me. Of course Google hopefully shall not go down along with my blog. ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Odd! I know.

Now this might seem a bit awkward and odd to anyone who hears it but I have to write it.

What if you cook food for someone and that person rejects the food. What should you do? Wait till the person wants to eat the food. (Obviously assuming that the food is not getting stale).

Or should it be given to someone who needs it and/or appreciates it?

Now, this food analogy I want to apply on Love. If you love someone and that someone rejects your love then, should you wait for the love to come back. Yes, hell Ya! I know. So what time do you think is enough? One year, two year, a decade or a lifetime. :) Why am I seeing some people sweating. What?

Oh! You thought I was talking about days or weeks. Sorry to let you down guys.

I was thinking over it and just came to conclusion that there should be a point where one should know to quit. If you do not know a lost cause when you see one you are in for loss and nothing else. Anyways I believe that most people know when the relationship ended but just blindfold themselves. Like the entrepreneurs who see their company going down and yet they keep putting their money in it until they bankrupt themselves.

So keeping it analogous to my food phenomenon if I love someone but that person rejects my love (whatever be the reason) then what I should do? Try again, yes, obviously. But if I know it is an impossibility then..? Should I still love the person who doesn’t need my love and maybe has no respect for it too? Or should I find a person who will appreciate this love and maybe even reciprocate the feelings?

I for one believe that one can fall in love more than once and thus I believe that we should fall in love again; someone who needs that love, someone who love me back and with whom my life is filled with happiness.

By the way, I associate love with happiness too. If you are not happy in a relationship then that love is not a positive one.

Therefore my say on my own query shall be that I think the love too like food should be distributed to people who respond to it.

One more analogy coming in my mind. If you have a child and the child dies. Your heart is broken and you are lost. So should you go into your cocoon and sit there crying and loving the child no more in this world.

I know what I would do. I will adopt a child who needs a parent and nourish the child to great success. I may not be able to love the child like my own but it will still be more than he/she ever got and a life will be made in the process.

OK! All people looking at me furiously for my vague and odd analogies I am going to end this post just with this. Think what your love is. Is it a gift which can make someone happy or is it your lawn where – “Trespassers will be prosecuted”?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Politics..

Any one who has been reading my blog knows my limits. I have written on love, death, sex and a bit crap. And yes about me. My fascination for poetry is also not unknown. I like to read poetry and writing them is also my hobby. A topic which never found place in this blog of mine is politics and the simplest reason for this is that my interest in politics is minimal. I am not much intrigued by politics and do not even know who won from my constituency (and I am not talking about person but party.. )

Recently though I read a blog on the same and I was left flabbergasted. It was in praise for BJP. And I have been against BJP. Don’t look at me like that. I might not have interest in politics but that doesn’t mean I can not have a favorite party. I like Congress and the reason well, is nothing beside that they are not caste particular or religion particular. The same is the reason for my dislike for BJP. Anyways, so I read this blog and realized that some one is lobbying for a party I dislike. So, it automatically turned on my defense mechanism and I wanted to abuse and praise Congress in the comments. But I stopped. Why?

Because it is not the right thing. It will be just venting out my anger and that too in a manner where no one will bother to listen. So I have decided to give politics a place or rather a permanent spot in my blog. If someone is lobbying for BJP then someone ought to be lobbying for sanity and peace and equality as well. ;)

Hence, from now on you might see a few posts on politics.



PS- This is the first time the tag politics came to my blog. Cheers..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Touch me again..

Here I am.

Before you, as before.

Love me again as you have loved me.

Please oh! please touch me again.


We are no more,

The moon and the stars.

The sun and the fire.

No more does my heart says ‘I love you’.

But once again I need you.

But once again I want you.

Please oh! please touch me again.


This is lust you may say.

May be my fruitless attempt,

To have you back.

No, its not I tell you.

I need you not with me.

We are through and gone.

You were my boyfriend once someday.

But the day is gone, the moment over.

You are my past and no more I say.

Nothing should give anything away.

Touch me again though,


Then forget my stay.