Tuesday, March 3, 2009

8 lane road

Religions are my favourite topics. There are so many of them- Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and many more. These examples are not by choice or favouritism I may say. These I remember because I have friends with these religions. So please don’t get offended if your religion got missed [;)].


OK! Back to topic. Religions are total bollywood masala movies; their history has bloodshed, romance, sex, hatred and ya a love/peace message too. They have a hero who is almost worshipped for his good qualities, a villain or a group of punks whom this hero defeated and brought peace to this world. Where would we be if this hero was not present!!!


And then their are some new thinkers in the world who say that each religion actually is same thing: ‘path to God’. This is my assumption for today’s post. Can’t help calling it an assumption, am a science student! [;)]. If all religion are path to God then let us define what kind of road this path is. What I mean is that I will compare them with highways and we’ll find out what this highway offers us..

Lemme start with the last eg. first.


I have had a few friends with this religion. First and foremost it is a tough religion. It is difficult to follow and my friends actually didn’t follow it properly. Comparing it with highway is actually wrong. It is more of a rope on which you have to walk. A slight mistake and you fall. The good thing is that the net is below so you are not going to die.


This is a better road than Jainism. It is a thin lane with good flat road. You will have a smooth journey but only on a cycle. Any vehicle bigger than that and… In other words it has more flexibility than Jainism but still you have your limitations.



Finally we are on a highway. A good road to travel on, enjoyable journey, nice places to stop in between. All in all a very good experience and that you find when you meet a sardar. Happy, cheerful people with fun to be around. So… the catch is that the baggage is too much to carry. The five K’s that have to be carried, not that I mind after all I am a K as well. [:)]



You are all set to start your journey when an old man tells you- “Sorry mate, your ancestor did some error you are at wrong starting place”. Whole humanity is suffering due to one man’s sins. All you can say is- “Fuck”. But then you start your journey. There are some motels in between, a few dhabas attracting you. You are tired and decide to take a halt. Then again the old man’s voice is heard whom you now recognise by a wierd name-‘POPE’. You think why would someone name their child pope. Nevertheless the pope tells you- “You can go to the motel but your vehicle will be taken back to starting place.” Again- “Fuck”. Mind you but sex is sin in Christianity so please do not abuse by it also.[;)]



Umm.. Wait..

Tick-tock.. Tick-tock..

I am back. Just was writing my will. I have given everything to my mum, pa and sis. So now I can freely write. OK…

Great path. You have been given a map by God himself and he marked the whole path. What do you want more? This is shown by that Islam is fastest growing religion. You can take rest at the motel too.. have a snack at the dhaba. Can not go to the bar but its OK if you have the map, isn’t it? Best offer till now..

Now, the fine print.

You can go to the motel but only thrice and that too for half an hour each time. You can go to dhaba but you will have to order this, this and this only. You can travel at 50 kmph only and per day you have to take two stops for drinking water and going su-su. And dare you deviate from the map..



Ahh.. my very own religion. It is my favourite religion and I do not follow it as well. I am agnostic but it is my blue (see earlier post- Colours). It is what gives this post its name. It is like an 8 lane road where you can go according to your speed. Many motels, dhabas, bars. Go enjoy yourself and come back filled. Till you are committed to follow this path you can enjoy all the benefits this path offers. Sounds exciting isn't it? Well, it is. So what’s fishy?

Uhh.. they have given us 8 lanes but they forgot to make the road. The way is very bad. Speed-breakers, potholes everything is present. Every once in a while a person will come showing you his middle finger and saying his vehicle (read caste) is better than yours. You can do nothing about it though now functions are being done for equality.


I would openly accept that this post was from a Hindu and not an agnostic. But you know what, I sincerely believe that Hinduism is more easy to follow and a happy religion in comparison to others. Though as I said in ‘Colours’, its a personal choice.

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