Friday, March 27, 2009

I share..

Fear – One of the strongest emotions present. And out of these the greatest must be fear of failure. How can one overcome it. ‘Gita’- the greatest Hindu scripture deals with aptly. If a person is not worried about the consequences, the fear evaporates.

But the phrase- “Karma karo, phal ki ichchha mat karo” [Work, don’t lust over result.] is a straight path to the greatest heaven (Baikunth lok). So, it ought to have a catch [:)]. What is written between the lines then. The problem is – nothing. Nothing is written between the lines. Its too simple to trust. The ‘TRUST’ is what creates the problem. How can we trust something so simple. Its like trusting on swimming instead of ship. No one does.

It is easier to trust someone else than oneself. Why? Because it gives us the right to be casual and also someone else to blame. Its much more convenient.

I detest weakness of any kind. Be it physical, mental or metaphysical, if I am not strong its not right. Like wise I hate fear itself. Whenever I encounter a fear I try to counter it, win against it at any cost. Today, I realize that this urge itself is a birth-child of fear - ‘fear of failure’. This fear is not harming me, in fact benefitting me. But now I know about it the urge has started to bubble up inside.

Killing oneself though is a tough task. No one can choke himself to death. If someone knows swimming, he can not drown himself. Self-defence mechanism. Similarly, an urge born out to fear can not kill the same fear. Therefore, unfortunately –or fortunately- I will have to detach this from myself before killing it.

Deep…      Confusing…      Scary…      Crap..

I know.

May be this is what is called enlightenment.

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