Saturday, March 7, 2009

Take Away


Take away my happiness

My right to smile

Take away my smile

Take away these colours and hues

Blind me

Take away these eyes

That you may take away visions of glory

And grace

And that you may bid me into an abyss of sorrow

Into a void of indifference

Puncture my heart

Let all that love rush out

That the dried well be parched forever

Stinging with hatred and loathing groans

Not for mercy, for but revenge

-Nay! There shalt be no mercy

All be so forth dealt with pain indifferent and just-

Pluck out that flower o'spring that grows within

Take away my childish eccentricities

Rip innocence off my faith

Take away my faith, my belief

And dress me instead

In a hide beneath which runs

The blood of a madman

Which seethes with cruel passion

Whence madness takes form of an ugly beast-a devil's reject

Leave me with no sense, no logic, no vision or sound

Leave me unloved, unloving, uncared for and uncaring

Leave me burning in the deep spit of cruel passions

-Passions of mad and greedy destruction

Of rage and fear, of bloodspills and tears

Take away my soul, take away my "self"

For I deserve it and you don't

For yet you want it and i don't

For yet you proclaim that you are God

And i don't...

I don't.


P.S.- This awesome piece of poetry is not mine but a creation of my friend. He has asked me not to put his name so I’ll not but he has not asked me not to put the name of his blog so-


Anonymous said...

lol....u f***in SOaB!! mil tu mujhe :))

KP said...

mil bhi lenge no problem.
but what's bothering you kiddo..

Anonymous said...

kiddo!!!! :O tht phrase 4 rajiv..!! heheh

KP said...

gaaliyon kaa level badhao. tabhi samajh mein aayega ki koun ho..
abhi to rajeev ke level ki hi de rahe ho.. [;)]

Anonymous said...

saale mc, bc...who else wud post anon n swear at u on a post in which u found a loophole in da promise n r actin wiseass?!! :))

KP said...

why anonymous though..
everyone knows where to find ya.. ;)

Andy said...

f u :X